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Is this ocd?

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I have been very poorly with voices in my head for quite some time now but its getting gradually worse. My head makes me say things i don’t want to and if i don’t i will get overly stressed and overthink the whole day and not able to concentrate because its basically forcing me to. I feel like i think completely different to others. It also makes me have to move certain ways and do certain things or something bad might happen to me. Its stressing me out so much.

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2 Replies
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Sounds like OCD. You should book an appointment with your gp

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I can't make a diagnosis, but it sounds like OCD. There are different types of 'voices in the head' and it would be good if you can get a psychiatrist to give you a proper diagnosis.

I notice that you say 'my head makes me say thing I don't want to' which sounds as though the voices are yours. So it doesn't sound as though you have psychosis. And that is good!

Having OCD make you feel as though your life has been taken over. It makes decisions for you and you feel as though if you don't obey it something bad might happen.

There is treatment that can help to get your life back. Medication can help with many cases of OCD. It's not a cure in itself, but it damps down the worst of the OCD and makes you able to stand up to it better. Then there is CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy, which helps you to learn to deal with by thinking about it differently.

Having OCD is like having a manipulative bully on your shoulder. Do go to your doctor and ask for a referral, so you can get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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