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Help from health anxiety sufferers


Hi guys, I am in the worst moment of my health anxiety/OCD 20 years journey. Waiting for a mole biopsy and potential confirmation of glaucoma(I'm "only" 45) this is the first time that I might have to face a real life threatening ilness I am not looking for reassurance if I am going to have these ilness or not but any advice how to cope with this uncertainty and anxiety. I am trying meditation, sports, meds but It did not work out his time Not having partner, family support and being unemployed doesn't help. I know this a fantastic opportunity to expose and face fear and obsession but what the f**** This is so hard. The stress doesn't decrease a bit. Any advice, encouragement will be very much appreciated, I am start to loosing hope.

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Here's to the results being favourable. It's obviously traumatic, but these things can be treated. Do please let us know how you get on.

It makes it more difficult being on your own, but you can post here whenever you like.

I'm waiting for results as well, and you have my full support and empathy.

What helps me, is this, the time between now and the time of results is yours, and fill it with as much as you can of things you want to be doing, and keep doing them, I do full body progression meditation, this helps me to relax my muscles and in turn helps me to switch off from my intrusive thoughts, or at least respond less. I hope I can do a good job of explaining this part, I reached a point of being at rock bottom, and facing the possibility of the real fear, I was really freaking out inside, petrified, and I grabbed onto pull yourself together, and get up and do things till you find out, my anxiety has got a lot better, and I'm less focused on it, and when I'm really relaxed I can think, well it could be many things, and I'm okay with this. I should also say there is moments, but I reassure myself.

Keep us updated with your results, and I'll let you know how I get on with mines.

Oh, one more thing, I'm suffering with medical anxiety and when I get my results, I've asked my doctor to okay this!! I'm not going to look up symptoms on the internet, and I'm going to choose a date to check my lumps and bumps!! and not check in-between, that way I know it's my OCD if I do keep checking!! and I'm going to go to my GP every 6 months for check ups.

I hope this helps!

Gimi44 in reply to Katz101

Thank you for your kind response,Katz. It's great to chat with someone who is going through the same health anxiety shit like me(it's my only theme of OCD). All this community is fantastic but I specifically empathize with what you said. What I am doing, since I am not working, is focusing on things make me usually happy ( studying English, I am Spanish) reading, sporting, Netflix, socializing....) but it's hard. Medical results are tomorrow. I'm mediating as well but the level of stress is very high. Meds also help in some way. I have my compulsion pretty much under control but we'll see after I get the results. Thank you again, is so cool having someone out there who is open to talk about this. It makes a difference 😁👍

Katz101 in reply to Gimi44

Your welcome, and I have everything crossed for you.

I should also say, once in my life years ago the odds were against me, and I came through that!! 🙂 it's always worth getting checked out, I hope you have a good relationship with your GP, cos that helps too. I have a firm GP, but we joke from time to time, and for someone like me it helps loads.

And good for you keeping busy, and I'm glad to read you keep socialising. And you're right, it's not easy, but moving forward is the only way in my eyes.

I would be lost without this forum.

Gimi44 in reply to Katz101

Hi guys, I had the results. Negative for melanoma. What a relief!!! I need to check every 6 months since I have a lot of moles but I can live with that. In 2 weeks I'll be told if I might have glaucoma. Finger cross. I'm very happy today. It was a very stressful week for me and the "exposure" to anxiety and uncertainty was so hard. Thanks for your kind words and support the last 2 days. Hope you're doing well. Health anxiety is so hard when you get older.. big hug my friends!

LuvSun in reply to Gimi44

Happy to hear the good news!

Katz101 in reply to Gimi44

Great news.

And you're right, it's harder because your dealing with a dysfunction and real life concerns.

I'm doing really well with, saying to myself, nope, your an intrusive thought, and carrying on regardless. It's helping me learn new ways of dealing with our life with OCD.

Great news. I'm super happy for you. 😊

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