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Overcoming what's become a real problem :(


I'm at the point in my life where I'm driving myself insane!! I never even considered I had OCD until I went on the internet and began reading all about.... My days never feel complete because as soon as I finish one thing, something else will pop into my head and I have to complete that, most days I have anxiety because I'm constantly thinking I should have done more :(

Does anyone else feel like this? my most obvious traits are, I cant buy anything unless its in multiples of 2, I cant leave the house or start the car at 13 minutes past the hour, I need to have the volume on the radio, TV etc on an even number, I have to clean the house for at least 3 hours per day (then I worry because that's an odd number) I bleach everything in sight, I have to empty all the bins before I go to bed and on the evening before the bin men are due I empty and clean all the bins and no one is allowed to use their bin for that evening, apart from the bin in the kitchen. All the labels on products in the cupboards and fridge have to be facing the same way and so the list goes on...... How does something that really doesn't matter get into your head and then becomes a life long mission?

Has anyone had any real success in overcoming their OCD and if so "how" I not really one for taking medication (besides I would probably read the side effects and panic!!) but any alternative/ therapeutic/ counselling that has actually worked I would love to hear about x

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Hi, I completely get you with buying things in 2's, and sometimes on a bad day I can't buy things at 99p as I just have loose change taking up space.

But, I have had CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which I started off having for abuse, but I'm now finding that it helps massively with OCD, it's to do with helping cope with the triggers and the urges. But for many, I have heard that OCD groups are quite helpfull.

If you have not already, speak to your G.P, I'm too against using medication. But there are lots of different therapy treatments that they can offer. So I'm sure you will find the one the best suits you.

Good luck :)

Mariack in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much, its a mad world of fighting your emotional mind and your logical mind, I just feel at the moment the emotional mind is taking over. I will certainly book in with my GP and hope that he/she doesn't think I'm completely nuts!! "which is another fear of course" :)

Medication really can help, so if you can bring yourself to give it a try, then do think of using it. I know exactly how it feels to have so much of your day taken up with these silly rituals. And even though you know they are silly, you still do them because the alternative is stressful. It can be exhausting.

Be careful about anyone offering alternative therapies. There are a lot of snake-oil merchants ready to exploit people who are already feeling vulnerable. If anyone isn't transparent about a therapy, telling you upfront what it is and how it works, or offers only to tell you if you pay them money, steer well clear.

The tried and tested method is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and it isn't easy as it means making yourself uncomfortable. But it does have an effect and if you can break down some of the rituals, starting with the easiest, then it will make your life much easier. For example put the things in your cupboards with the labels facing anyhow, and getting used to it. Also try self help books. They can really give a boost to your willpower and explain the techniques involved. Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a good one.

Make sure you get an appointment with your GP if you haven't already, and get a referral. I had OCD for years before I found out what it was. It really came as a relief to know that it was a recognized disorder and other people had it too!

Thank you Sally, I will see if I can download that book on my kindle and have a good read, I think if I occupied my mind on other things I would be better, Doing it of course is the hard thing :(

I think I have always had it, my Dad used to call it nothing more than being clean and tidy and people love to give out labels, but I know its far more than that and I really need to get some resolution to the problems or at least the thoughts the make me compelled to do the things I do....

Sallyskins in reply to Mariack

The book is partly available on the internet, but download the whole thing on Kindle if you can. Being clean and tidy or any other ritual becomes OCD when it becomes a problem that disrupts your life. It does help to keep your mind occupied, as OCD loves a gap to move into!

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