Weird feeling in head

Hey everyone so I keep getting this really weird feeling in the back of my head like right under my skull or even on the skull and I would itch it but the feeling doesn’t go away even when I do? It’s like a burning sensation that kind of tickles? If that makes sense it doesn’t really hurt BUT ITS SO IRRITATING! Like I literally cannot stand it anymore, you would think it would go away in seconds but I get it as long as 10 minutes or longer if I’m so focused on what the hell it is!!! is this normal? I’m afraid I have a tumour or something I had an MRI done months ago and everything was fine but I only got one because of a concussion..it’s kind of like a buzzing feeling too, it’s a bit hard to describe but that’s the best way I can describe it! HAS ANYONE HAD THIS? I feel like I’m so obsessed with thinking about it!! I think this could be apart of my OCD too when I get the feeling. How do you get this to go away!? I hate it so much

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I haven't had this, but if you had an MRI scan only recently and it was clear, then it's likely to be nothing. One of the things that OCD can do is to make you aware of every itch, momentary pain or tingle that everyone gets but most people don't notice. It is because you are hyper-aware of anything that might be amiss with your health. It might be best to go to your doctor and get checked out again, but if everything comes back clear again, then accept it and try to focus on other things. Resist the temptation to be checked over and over again for reassurance, as it just feeds the OCD more.

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