Tingling feeling in back of head

heyy....ive been having this some kind of a vibrating or tingling kind of a sensation at the back side of my head...as if there is something hitting me very softly from inside on my head(right below my skull) with a very high freqency!!feels like theres something in my head or inside..i really dont know wat it is!!..anyone?? It’s scaring me :( has everyone had this before and how do I get rid of kt

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I'm afraid this is something I haven't experienced, but it might be sensible to have it checked out. It's often the case that OCD makes you notice symptoms that are perfectly normal and assume there is something wrong. I know it might be scary to go to the doctor, but it could well put your mind at rest about it.

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I have it too. Do you smoke? Smoking seems to make it worse for me, I also feel it in my hands and feet


No I do not smoke. I have used like one of those fake cigarettes that help to quit smoking just to try it out.


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