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Please take the time to read this, really need some input


Found out today that my gene testing says im not compatible with ssris and wellbutrin was thrown at me. Im more scared everyday and cognitively messed up. Any thoughts or advice? Experience with this med? Also have had a few people tell me it sounds more like schizophrenia. My brain is absolutely blocked by one main unwanted horrific thought, i feel like I have no control over my thoughts to a point where I canot function, is this normal for ocd

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Sounds like OCD to me! I suffer from major depression, anxiety and OCD. I have taken Wellbutrin for several years and it has been the best for me as I have tried different meds in the past. It was mainly prescribed for the depression but I think it helps with other things as well.I hope it works for you. You have to be a little patient as it takes time to work. That's hard to do when you have intrusive thoughts from the OCD, as it fuels my anxiety and depresses me. Its a vicious cycle, but there is help for it. You just have to find what works for you.

Best wishes.

Thankyou so much for responding, im just so scared to take anything anymore, my head just spins around and around with sick thoughts im so sick of it

I understand. Trust me you are not alone in this. I hate taking meds but I find they can really help when u get the right ones. Also, I heard CBT is good for OCD. I even read books to help with it.

Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts by Christene Purdon and David Clark.

Coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by Jan Van Niekirk

Im losing my patience, i feel insane and like ill never be the old me again. I feel like ill forget every single thing or turn and never come back

Its sad but it makes you fee likel all of those things but its not real. I read a post before that said those obsessive thought are just "Thoughts and pictures" in your head. It is very scary. Those books I mentioned sheds a lot of light on this disorder and ways of managing it. And you will feel like your old self again. Although you don't feel you will right now. I've noticed in all of my 25+ years dealing with this is, it can leave as quickly as it arrived! You will come back.

Thank you so much even though i feel like ill never come back, just reading what wrote feels good

I wish I knew of this site earlier in my life but I just found it this year. Knowing that You are not alone and you're not bananas, although we feel that way, helps.

I feel absolutely bat poop crazy

You may need to ask your Doc for anti anxiety meds as it works best for OCD and anxiety.

All i can get is buspar, plus i forget things all the time, i feel unreal

Write it all down. I forget as well. I have heard of Buspar but not really familiar with it. What is it used for?


OCD makes you feel UNREAL! I hate it so much! It can take over your life if you let it.

Dang, where was this gene testing when I got put on 2 different SSRIs that made me super sick? Lol. Also, from what I understand it is very very common in people with OCD to fear and speculate that they may be schizophrenic. I’ve had the same fear since I was a child and think about it a lot when my OCD symptoms are bad. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that unless they’re your doctor okay? Many mental illnesses have overlapping symptoms, it’s best to stay away from diagnosing yourself. And yes, unfortunately, OCD CAN be that bad. I didn’t believe it either. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through. But these things make us stronger! Just grasp onto any hope/love/important thing that you can to keep you going and focus on treatment as MUCH as possible. And REST as much as you can/need to. Much love <3

Cherbear811 in reply to cs0717

Oh my, I feel crazy but thankyou I just find it so hard to believe sometimes that it can mess you up this bad. The thoughts alot of times come through as "you want" or you will or you wish I just always assumed it was me. Im wondering if all the ssris just made me this way and id be fine had i never taken them because i was on cymbalta when it started (and was still mild) but soon as i switched to zoloft ive never been the same and then prozac and now im coming off effexor and prescribed wellbutrin, im scared enough already

Also my head always goes numb when i lay down, is this normal and zaps in my head

cs0717 in reply to Cherbear811

I didn’t have any bad or significant OCD symptoms for like 5 years without meds and then my doc put me on Prozac for stress headaches (weird right?) and then all this bull happened after getting sick on it. Not saying it was caused by the meds but I do believe that the way it changes your serotonin levels and such when you get put on a new med like that that I can “trigger” things or make them flare up. I’m not a doc just my experience. I have the “I wants” too. Therapist didn’t even seem concerned when I told her, said it’s just trying to convince me harder basically.

Cherbear811 in reply to cs0717

Wierd indeed because prozac made my head feel like it was on fire. Effexor caused migraines and right now i just feel stuck between stuck thought and dementia or air headed

I also have phantom smells

Maybe i should just stop meds as my husband has suggested before

cs0717 in reply to Cherbear811

Also, I sometimes think I’m hallucinating smells, sights, noises but really they have an actual explanation! So maybe you’re catching a little whiff of something and your OCD is making it a bigger deal! Happens to me almost everyday lol.

I experienced auditory hallucinations once when I was younger during an OCD panic attack. I’ve also read others who’ve had other types of hallucinations with their OCD but still weren’t diagnosed with anything else. I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this. When I was inpatient I had a therapist tell me hallucinations CAN simply be stress reactions in our brains due to high anxiety and don’t necessarily have to be linked to schizophrenia. I don’t want to give any advice on medications but I can say I’ve seen lots of people who it’s helped but it is NOT for me. Do whatever feels right for you.

This is 'normal' for OCD, though it's a sort of normality no one wants! It's always difficult when you are first on meds or switching to a different med, as they take several weeks to work and the side effects haven't worn off. I've never heard of anyone being incompatible with SSRIs because of their genes, though different meds work for different people. There is an old fashioned med called clomipramine, which I took for many years and found effective. It made me feel dopey but that was better than the OCD. It is also known as anafranil and it was hailed as a wonder drug when it first came out. Most of us with OCD have been at the point where we are not functioning but it can and does get better!

The ssris were in the yellow i should say, not green or red. I feel like im going to fall out of it completely, i need real help. I felt like on the effexor i atleast had hope and could function better. This is "normal" i can barely function to eat at this point. Everyday gets worse now, i almost had a breakthrough moment on effexor but i had also taken the risperdal i was prescribed a few times earlier in that week but when i got out of the hospital my doc jerked me around and switched meds. Im so hopeless i feel dead if that makes sense at all. Its not even so much the intrusive thoughts or thought i had as muchbas theres basically no cognitive abilities left. Except for the 3 words that keep ringing in my head. I dont think ill take my life, i think im just hopeless to get every get normal brain thought patterns back.

Nothing seems real and im looking through the smallest fish bowl


Wellbutrin is not classified as a SSRIs as far as I know - I am pretty sure but you are welcome to research if you need more reassurance. Just google 'wellbutrin' and read from there. Its not a commonly used antidepressant, SSRIs are recommended if you can take them.

Take care


Cherbear811 in reply to Ulisse

Thankyou, ive been trying to explain it to my husband, i will not take a pill that mainly ups dopamine and what hit the roof, im bad enough already and atleast had more cognitive abilities on effexor. Ugh f ocd. As always, thanx max ♡


I was prescribed antianxiety med to to offset the possible highs of Prozac, when I started taking meds. Maybe you consider.

Be well


They will only give me buspar😕

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