Hi people really need some help understanding, advice etc I've been doing great last week but last few days my harm ocd thoughts have got to the point were there nearly every 10 mins I could cry.... there telling me tomorrow Iam going to act on these awful thoughts against my baby tomorrow are sometime next week if not tomorrow, it feels so real I've been considering ringing the police I want to run away as far as possible Iam so frightened I feel so repulsed by my thoughts but even in my head when I act on them its not that I ever wanted to. I dont know what to do at all do I ring crisis team are something. Also considering to take a promethezine but I'm exhausted off been up with my teething baby boy and they make me tried at best of time, Surley this can't be my life forever I just want to love and cherish my boy so freely its breaking my absolute heart.

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  • Im here for you and feeling the same way, so sick of life and is this it now forever. One day everything is fine and then its like a posession. You are not alone hun much ♡

  • I just want to feel safe for my baby x my minds telling me Ian not xx sending lots of hugs to you aswell xxxx

  • I have experienced these same exact symptoms with my family and yes, some days it seems like every couple of minutes. And every crazy thought I’ve thrown at my therapist that I thought would make her put me away, turned out to just be OCD. It’s hard and heart breaking but it can absolutely get better. I’m receiving CBT from a therapist and it’s helping a lot. I don’t partake in the medication side of things but it has helped a lot of people in conjunction with their therapy. You can do this and you can feel normal again. 💜 letting it defeat you only makes it stronger.

  • Thankyou so much for your reassrance and similarities xx I also won't take medication I have tried it but its not for me promethezine is just anti histamine what can make me slightly calm xx I keep fighting if I only I could see the future and be 100 percent sure I wouldn't act on any of these thoughts I would be finex sorry you battle this to xxx

  • Of course these thoughts are very frightening, and they may feel very real, but they are only intrusive thoughts! I know how hard it is, trying to push them away and the harder you push the more they come back. Being a new mother with a little baby is going to make life quite difficult anyway, however rewarding being a mother is, simply because you are tired and downright exhausted and that makes OCD harder to deal with.

    Please do ring the crisis team. Try not to blame yourself for these thoughts, as they are not your fault and hard as it is to believe right now, you really would never harm your baby.

    He really is safe with you, and things will get better for you. It makes my heart break to think how awful you feel, when you have a right to be happy with your son. And always feel free to message me or post whenever you feel you need to. x x x

  • Hi

    read this before considering promethezine. YOu need specific anti anxiety and antidepressants AND therapy for instrusive thoughs.



  • Amy hi

    I hadnt read your second post, so if promethezine works for you, great!

    Take care


  • Ahh thanks though xx

  • HI Amy

    need to go to the police.. here is a link to a site which may prove useful to you. Causing harm to our loved ones particularly babies, children and so forth, is a classic example of OCD used by psychologists when describing harm fears. Hope the following brings some relief to you.

    Take care.


  • Thanks for that link was really useful xxx

  • NO need for the police.. :-)

    wish you well


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