Postnatal Ocd support

Hello iam just reaching out for some reassurance and support from anyone who may be suffering from the same illness.

I have awful intrusive thoughts based around my baby I have had these since I was 6 months pregnant just came from no were. I love my baby to absolute pieces but have suffered this nearly a year now and it's breaking my heart the more I have the thoughts the more I get sacked into thinking I may act on them this petrifies me revolts me, iam sure medication makes me worse but iam scared to stop taking it all together I have came such a long way . if there's anyone who doesn't have any advice for me but would like some help I will be more then willing because I know how disabling this illness is and how alone you feel x

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  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm going through a trying time with OCD, depression and anxiety. I would say find someone you can talk to, like a therapist. This illness is so horrible. I wish you well. Hang in there, as will I.

  • wish you well as well it is really really awful

  • This is something I haven't direct experience of, not having kids, but I do know that OCD attacks you where you where something matters most, like your children.

    It's actually the fact that people with OCD who experience these sort of thoughts, of harming someone, are the least likely to act on them. They are just thoughts. Believe me, your baby is safe with you.

    Best to have a few words with your psychiatrist about the medication. It doesn't suit everyone, although it can be helpful to many. Don't stop taking it suddenly, though.

    I hope that you start feeling better and can enjoy your baby.

  • thankyou I do try to keep reminding myself it's only because I love him so much It's just so scary when it's happening and I struggle to realise I would never do this. Iam one of the most harmless people ever iam the type of person who catches a spider and let's it back outside. so upsetting having this bully and horror movie in my mind xx thanks for your support x

  • I rescue spiders as well! Remember that OCD is a horrible bully, and that your baby is safe with you, and that he is lucky to have such a good mother!

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