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Need advice. Is this OCD?


So recently my anxiety has convinced me I'm going to lose my mind. Go figure. Throughout the day I will have tons and tons of flashbacks with emotion attached, usually of unpleasant times. Every time this happens I ponder why I felt that over and over thinking something must be wrong with my brain if it keeps taking me back to these emotions out of no where. I then spend all day in my head, trying not to have negative flashbacks and analysing everything I'm thinking... it's like I'm monitoring my brain. Is this OCD? Anyone else have these memories flashbacks all day triggered by just random stuff out of no where? Thanks all x

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Sounds like it Jessica.

OCD plays tricks with the mind. The more you concentrate on these thoughts the longer they will stay unfortunately.

OCD is anxiety related, are you on medication for it? Best wishes and let us know how are getting on again soon. ❤️

jessicao in reply to Bird-67

No meds as I am currently pregnant. Thank you for responding xx

Hi Jessica,

this seems as if its a sign of OCD as thats how mine stated with the over thinking and second guessing myself in everything i do and say, it is mentally tiring the best way to explain it, that it is like a computer with so many tabs open your brian is constantly thinking and pop ups of different things to worry about, my help was its like putting a pair socks on and they feel weird but you get used to them after a couple of minutes walking around in them, my best help was to distract my self even if it's delaying the thoughts for a couple of minutes you are fighting it

hope this helps if you need to talk pop me a mail x

jessicao in reply to Danielle-

Thank you so much !!

This is just typical of OCD. Something completely innocuous can suddenly make negative connections with something in your mind, and it can drive you nuts.

Try not to overthink. It is easy to go over and over something in your brain, and analyse it from every angle. This just fuels your worry.

A method I have found useful if something of an OCD nature attacks me is to put off worrying about it. I can tell myself that I am allowed to give it my full attention at, for example, a quarter past two or a quarter to three or whatever. Of course I forget, or at least if I remember I can't always remember what it was about! It might help you too.

Being pregnant can make OCD worse, as it's something so dear to you and tied up with your emotions, and OCD likes to mess with your brain where it matters most. Try to enjoy your pregnancy and new baby, and create some good memories!

try not to keep analysing fashbacks, (i am not an expert on flashback) thoughts etc and concentrate on letting them go, relax, dont react. The anxiety should begin to subside as well and you will feel better for it.

jessicao in reply to Ulisse

Thank you! Every time I have one and I over think it I just tell myself to float with it. It's helping

Definately ocd. I have had it on and off for years. I would have a word with your GP or midwife to see if anything could help you. Quite possibly the anxiety of being pregnant has triggered it.

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