Alternatives to CBT

Does anyone know of any alternatives to CBT? I have had no success with this over years.

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  • There are a lot of dodgy 'alternative' therapies that don't work, and can cost you serious money as well. The problem is that CBT is so hard going that people, including me, have trouble carrying it out! I have recently heard of something that is supposed to help. Gelatin, of all things! That's right, jelly. The best thing, apart from going to all the effort of making it yourself, is to buy unflavoured gelatin sheets, soak a couple in water for ten minutes until they are soggy, and then pour boiling water on them until they dissolve. Then add juice or other flavours, either leave it to set and eat as jelly or drink it down. It is supposed to have various amino acids that help the brain, OCD being mentioned. The bonus is that it is supposed to be good for the skin as well! I bought my gelatin sheets in Marks and Spencer but most big supermarkets should have them. If that is too unpalatable then try the fruit flavoured cubes.

  • Did it work? :-)

  • I don't know as I've only just started taking the jelly a couple of weeks ago! But I shall persist, and it doesn't cost very much to give it a try. I think I shall try making all sort of nice desserts and puddings with it! It's obviously a no-no for vegetarians, but worth trying for others.

  • I'm a long term veggie but if it works I would maybe try it! Have you noticed any changes?

  • I've been a bit up and down as usual, but feel a bit better! It could be placebo effect. But I shall persist, and hope it has some effect.

  • Interesting :-) maybe you need to eat more? Like

    100 jellies a day? :-)

  • I don't think so! There is a limit to how much of the stuff you can eat! That sounds like enough for a very large children's party! I'm not sure about quantities, as they could be for neat gelatin or for made up jelly, but I normally have two gelatin sheets a day. Try going on the website Authority Nutrition and their section on gelatin for details.

  • Ok I'll check it out :-) would be great if it worked, I've tried lots of alternatives in the past, I bet one of these will work because the human body is a weird machine :-)