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Has anyone found it difficult to delete a post that you didn't want on the site. I am struggling with this and considering not staying as a member as so stressful to find the solution please help xx

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Please Don't panic, don't stress yourself out. Easier said than done, I know, and please Don't leave this forum.

Slow down. Take some deep breaths, focus on your breathing. With each breath, breath in for the count of 3 and then breath out for the count of 4. It will be difficult at first but keep practising it and it will become easier and you will notice an improvement. It' like when you start exercising, it's really hard at the beginning, but you have to push through the aches and pains as your body adjusts to the change.

Now, regarding the unwanted post. When you are calm, can you press the delete? Or Do you have a understanding friend who can delete it for you? If not call MIND, explain your dilemma and ask them to talk you through it. Don't worry about looking stupid. We're OCD. They've seen it, heard it and got the t-shirt. They deal with all sorts of mental illnesses.

If you need help, come back online.


I know how it feels! I ordered my medication over the internet, as usual, and pressed 'submit' before I felt ready. I found myself phoning the surgery and asking them to cancel the prescription request so I could resubmit it! It really got me into a panic. Fortunately they know I have OCD and cancelled! I'm not the most technically knowledgeable sort, but if you can't manage to do it yourself, then perhaps ask the administrators of this site. Hope they can help.


If you need us to remove posts just shoot us a message. I would rather remove a post, so that you can remain and get support.