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Hello There

hello there i suffer from ocd and i dont know what to i guess its annoying as i managed to control it but recently my ocd has got worse after a major thing has recently happened in my life the worse compulsions i get are involving my relationship with my girlfriend its terrible :( i just hope i can come back from this soon have a great evening everyone.

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hi there it could be a set back with this happening and i hope it is for yoursake, but could you not talk about it to your girlfriend or go and get a bit help, i have had a set back with my ocd and im suffering terrible too, i am having to go back to the doctors yet again im just tired off the whole situation, i wish you well im here anytime you want to talk.susan


Hi there. What was the major thing? And how is it involving your relationship? Look forward to hearing from you. And yes...you CAN come back from this! Xxxx


I often find my OCD will escalate and my behaviours become more intrusive when I am very stressed. It's good that you've noticed it's happening rather than just being immersed in it. I would revisit the techniques and support that you used to get it under control initially as you'll find that these will still help, and maybe you'll need some additional support for a while to get things manageable again. This has happened to me many times and each time I've developed different techniques - mindfulness has helped me a lot and I continue to use medication.


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