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Neuroscience, breath and dream yoga podcast


Hi All, on the Wholly Aligned podcast, I interviewed breath teacher and dream yoga practitioner Ben Wolff. A very helpful conversation around coherent breathing (6/6). I have attended many teachings with Ben. His over 10 years research on breath makes him an exceptional teacher in this field with the latest neuroscience.

Yoga teacher, neuroscience explorer, dream yoga practitioner and facilitator of sleepovers in this method (100 at his last virtual session) chats with Ciara about how he came to yoga originally.

And his lightbulb moment around the coherent breath technique in 2012 that has helped hundreds in his classes and sessions alone.

We also chat about:

What the key active ingredient Ben believes was present in Freud’s work

Misunderstandings we might have about the brain

Social reality to special reality - why we need to understand some form of special reality and access it in ourselves.

The example of burns wards - use of virtual reality e.g images of snow. Or having binoculars the wrong way round, shrinks pain e.g traumatic memories

Why imagining jelly could change your life!

Understanding memory is not a recording. It’s an assembly. And we can edit memory at the level of the hippocampus.

PAST as a tool to practise dream yoga. How are you seasoning your own life.

Are you letting someone else seasons your experiences? Let your life be palatable.

Link below to listen.

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