Nutrimom - Food Allergy Liason

New,and looking for advice


I am 52 years old and suffer with APS Sjorgrens Fibro thoracic outlet syndrome and others

Last August my Face and tongue went numb and I went to A&E as with my history of APS I was worried about the possibility of a stroke

I was admitted for four days and had an MRI and a stroke was ruled out

I have had this happen several times since and am beginning to wonder if it is a food allergy

I cannot think of anything unusual that I have eaten before each flare

I plan to go to the GP tomorrow,but wondered if i could get some advice here first

Does any one here get these symptoms?

It starts with numb tongue and lips

Smetimes I also get a burning from the top of my chest that sort of washes downwards

Sometimes my face goes numb and my scalp hurts

sometimes my skin becomes sore all over

sometimes accompanied by sore throat

And often accompanied by a red circle on my chin,which stings

What sort of tests should I be requesting

thanks in advance