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Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea over Coffee

In today’s fast paced environment, where everything happens on the go and there’s no time for pause, the dependence on coffee (and all that caffeine it packs) is understandable. But while drinking coffee is a great way of staying awake and energized throughout the day, it’s actually not that healthy for your body, especially if one was to compare it with the benefits of drinking tea. So if you’ve already chosen coffee’s side in that never ending debate between tea and coffee lovers, the following reasons may want to make you switch sides:

Tea Helps ward off Cancer: To start with, one of the main reasons why you should be opting for tea over coffee is its ability to help ward off cancer.According to studies, drinking tea has been linked with lower rates of contacting cancer thanks to the large number of anti-oxidants it comes equipped with.

Drinking Coffee can lead to Insomnia: Thanks to the large amount of caffeine that coffee comes with, drinking it regularly and in large amounts can lead to insomnia and even restlessness. The maximum amount of coffee that one should be consuming is four cups in one day. But since most coffee lovers go over and beyond that number, the risk of them suffering from insomnia increases.

Drinking Coffee can Stain your Teeth: While drinking tea, Tulsi green tea in particular, has been reported to do wonders for one’s oral health, drinking coffee is said to do the complete opposite. Thanks to the large amounts of caffeine coffee comes packed with, those who drink coffee regularly are more likely to have yellowish and stained teeth than those who don’t.

Tea can help you Lose Weight: If you’re a coffee lover who has been planning on losing some weight and shedding those kilos, it would probably be best for you if you moved on to drinking tea. According to recent studies, tea (green tea in particular) is a great tool to help kick start your body’s metabolism. Additionally, tea overall comes with lower calories than all those addictive variants of coffee, such as espresso or mocha, come equipped with.

Coffee can cause Calcium Deficiency: Drinking coffee can cause one to lose calcium from their body. This is because the coffee we drink attracts calcium in our body, which later gets excreted in the form of urine. According to a report, as much as five mgs of Calcium are lost by your body for every six ounces of coffee that you drink. This may lead loss of Calcium can even cause Osteoporosis.

Drinking Tea reduces Stress: Last but not the least, drinking tea is a great way of reducing stress. Additionally, it’s also been reported that drinking green tea helps reduce depression, thereby making it act as an anti-depressant as well.

So coffee lovers, if you had been contemplating on the choice between tea and coffee, the above mentioned points should make things easier to decide. If you’d want to get your hands on some green tea, you could either visit your local grocery store or could even buy some green tea online in Indiaby visiting