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Fruit and veg


I think I'm allergic to all sorts of fruit and veg, however it not that most common reaction, it not my mouht ( which I see a few poeple have problems with) I have really bad tummy pains after about 20 minute after eating these foods and I feel sick and light headed and unable to pay attention to things as the paint overtake everything.

I just want to know if any once else has this problem?

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well, I'm sensitive to histamine! And fruits and veggies are high in histamine as well. I would recommend a simple blood test by your allergist and he'll make a diagnosis as soon as possible. But don't worry. Having a histamine intolerance is nothing worse, for example I'm using a dietary supplement called Daosin. It helps me to control my histamine level within my body and avoids, as soon as I eat or drink sth which contains histamine, the allergic reaction.

all of best!