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SHOULD DOCTORS USE PLACEBOS? University of Southampton Study needs participants

The recent research carried out by University of Southampton shows that 97% of GPs have given patients placebos. Now we want to find out what members of the general public think about this.

The researchers would like to invite you to attend a meeting to give your opinion.

The aim is to hold 3 meetings one in Southampton on 25/4/13 at 2pm the next near Manchester airport on 30th April at 2pm then the third on 22/5/13 at 10am also in Southampton.

If there is sufficient interest from the London area there may be a fourth meeting arranged.

If you wish to find out more about attending they would like to hear from you before

Monday 22nd April 2013.

Please contact Beverly Coghlan (Research Fellow, Primary Care Medicine) on

t: 023 8024 1073 or email:

for more information.

Please only reply via the above email NOT via this blog- Beverly will not see your response here!!

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I think you may mean near Southampton airport?!!!


No they have clearly said Manchester Airport - it is a UK wide study


I can't make the manchester date however just wanted to say my bit.

Whilst I normally think placebos are a fab idea if someone can take a pill and think its making them better and they feel better so can carry on with the placebo and not have to have chemicals in there body then that's fab however with a disease like RA and other diseases like it I feel a placebo would be wrong, RA should, be treated quickly and aggressively there is already way to many RA patients not getting the RA drugs they need quick enough which in turn is causing disability and disability cost the government in a lot off cases.

After all would they really give a placebo with a patent with a high grade cancer, I wouldn't have thought so, I feel RA is no different.

I think placebos are great for headaches, colds and thousands off other mild conditions its fantastic if it works for them.

But I'm totally against placebo for RA treatment.

Julie x



If you want this comment to be part of the study you need to send it directly to the researcher as they will not see it on this blog.




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