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Does anyone have bursitis?

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I have bursitis in my hips, shoulders and knees. Had it for 18 months but just diagnosed. Has anyone else had this, how has it affected you and what treatments have you had?

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I occasionally get bursitis behind my knees. I believe it is a sort of leakage of fluid from inside the joint.

I was told to sit down as much as possible and raise my leg above hip height to drain the fluid away.

I don't know if it is an RA problem or more to do with my hypermobile joints. Apparently this makes my collagen (elasticity) too slack so I can easily push a joint beyond a safe limit without realising it.

Other than this I am afraid I don't know much more about bursitis. But I expect someone will be along soon with some helpful ideas.

Hope you get some help soon.

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Thanks Phoebe, happy New Year to you !

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Sian, I have had bursitis in both hips, both shoulders and both knees have been replaced 4 years ago. Knees are my best parts!

Bursitis is an inflammation inside the joint bursa, the part of the joint that stays more still as the moving part moves within it. Causes are often from RA or PsA, but can also be athletically acquired.

Treatment is usually a steroid injection combined with an analgesic directly into the bursa. You can feel the effect of the analgesic immediately, while the steroid part crystallizes inside the joint so it remains right there to treat the inflammation.

If you get the injection, you will be advised to stay still, don't move the joint for 24 hours. That gives it time to crystallize and start working.

Hope this helps. Good luck.


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Thanks Loret, I have had the injection and although the analgesic numbed the pain I didn't feel any longer lasting effect. Think I will chat to my GP and see if I can get another injection. Take care x

I have had bursitis in my right shoulder. It was very painful, and eventually it was decided to remove the burser. I had the op, and everyting went fine, the only thing I miss is the pain.


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lol :)

To access a full explanation of exactly what bursitis is go to on the Health A-Z page under B. Nicky NRAS

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I have had bursitis in my right hip since I was 19. I remember sleeping on the cold damp ground in a tent. I also remember the little stone that dug into my hip all night. 31 years later, I have joint degeneration from that injury. Icing the hip can help, anti-inflammatories, and maybe a few carefully placed curse words, lol. Best of luck.

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