happy xmas to all

happy xmas everyone, i hope you all have a lovely time over the xmas and new year and i hope the flares are not too bad! the last 3 days i have been great, straightened out left arm for the first time in months!!!! pity it wont last but i am enjoying it while i can!! 3 glasses of fizzy wine and im starting on the auld vodka now, yay! screw my liver, the mtx inj can wait !! x

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  • You go girl,Have a great time. xxxx

  • Hooray for you, Laney! All the Best in the New Year! When do you have to return to Uni? Loret

  • im on my placement year loret, so i am not back to uni in manchester til sep '12! which is great, hope you had a happy xmas & have a great new year :)

  • Hope you had a good time xx

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