cherry juice

i got arthritis in both of my knees and two weeks ago i started half glass of cherry juice every morning and so far no pain killers i been taking pain killers for years

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  • Is this rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis please? They are two completely different diseases and I don't think cherry juice will make much difference if you have RA - but maybe it does for yours and good luck to you if so. Tilda

  • I drink promengranite juice...doesn't help with my pain though. I have RA and I'm on MTX... Good for you though that you've had such positive effects from drinking cherry juice :)

  • I drink POMEGRANATE( doh!!) juice... recently started by the who knows it may help in time :)

  • I drink gallons of pomegranate, partly cos of the folic acid and partly cos the colour makes me feel a bit like I'm drinking wine...It does absolutely nothing for the pain tho'!

  • cherries are supposed to be good for gout which comes in the inflammatory arthritis group with Ra so maybe there is a link, hope the improvement continues


  • i drink guinness :) does sod all for inflammatory arthritis , but sure taste good :))

  • Haha love it andy,i have a sniff of my baileys its been in the bottle since last year i can hear it say drink me lol : )

  • Haha - loads of iron so yes, good for you!

  • Gave me my morning laugh, thanks Andy.

  • I like your style! Guinness used to be issued in hospital on NHS - I tend to use that to justify a glass or two x

  • Im drinking milk today

  • Cherry juice mainly used for OA.. think some vague medical evidence... did nothing for me but I LIKE the is good for replacing . repairing? muscle function after exercise so the fitness industry claims x

  • IF it is only pain in the knees and not elsewhere it is more likely to be OA?. AT the end of the day if it helps you why not , no harm done. cherry juice safe with meds too.

    Be aware that cranberry juice can be dangerous with warfarin and grapefruit juice is a problem with quite a few meds not just statins.

  • I had a terrible time with stomach cramps and the runs after grapefruit the morning after my MTX actually so that rings bells.

  • My answer is that if it helps use it. Tinned cheeries are excellent for getting rid of gout. At the end of the day, all doctors can do is dish out medication. I can take nothing of that offered for teh RA or OA or Fibro I have. It is all nutrition, diet, Tai chi and massages. Use what you will if it helps. Copper bracelets, magnets etc. I don't pooh pooh anything.

  • I am sure I have read somewhere that grapefruit juice should be avoided if on any medication.

    I love raspberries but have to be careful as they contain 'natural' asprin.

  • TildaT, samjam is right. Grapefruit juice should be avoided if your on MTX. At least, ask your rheumy nurse to confirm this.

  • I had really bad stomach pains and swollen upper abdomen while I was taking Prednisolone, then one day I had a massive craving for Guava juice so I went out and bought a carton from the corner shop, drank the lot mixed with water, then had another over the next few days, really made me feel better. I'm not sure why but looking into it Guava juice is actually really good for you. It isn't sour like a lot of juices (I can't bear anything sour) too. xx

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