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RA is behaving but..........

hi guys

happy easter to you all n hope you all doing ok, for the peeps that are flaring gentle hugs

ive been so well the last 2wks (thanks Enbrel) no pain no swollen joints its been heaven however im full of cold, sore thoat swollen glands in me neck n im feeling pretty crap always something isnt there grrrrrrrr..

not been ill before on the biologics not even when i was on Humira, not sure wot to do ?? gp or rhumy nurse, any advice anyone xxxxxx

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Aw Ali, not good. I'd phone your rheumy nurse my lovely. I had a similar thing when I was on sulpha. Glands like golf balls lol. Needless to say they took me off it. Fingers crossed it's not that though and just a cold. Best to get it checked out though. Sending gentle hugs. Love Janet xxx


i got a cold four weeks after starting enbrel ,, it was doing the rounds ,, my daughter was full of it and half the work force were off sick ,, so i just put it down to catching it from others and not the enbrel .. the advice i was given ,, was to miss a week if you feel like you got a cold / flu or just unwell ... my next injection day was saturday ,, so i missed that ,, by tuesday i were feeling better ,, so started it again from tuesday .. so missed only 3 days ..

hopefully its just coincidence and youve picked up a bug thats going around and nothing to do with the enbrel ... i know how i felt , when the rheumy nurse told me to stop taking it ,, it was like ( aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh fiddlesticks ) its working soooooooo well .. i cant stop ..

the other thing the rheumy nurse , did mention ,, have you been over doing it ,, since youve feeling better , this is very common ,, sometimes people can over do it , without realising it ..

so get well soon and get back on that enbrel ,, make sure you get plenty of rest ..


I was like you last weekend full of cold it's was week 3 on enbrel

I was told if I think it is an infection to go to doctor home nurse still

came out and did injection . Gentle hugs Karen x


If you see your GP they will do either a blood test to see how infectious you are or they will be able to tell through examination. Since on Embrel I have had both sceanerios and had to come off, the longest being 2.5 weeks, this was after first seeing the gp and then phoning the rhumy nurse as to should I stop injecting, both times it was the rhumy nurse who told me the length of time not to inject.


thanks for all your replys, prob picked it up as everyone else been inbed all day, have just noticed a rather raised red patch at the injection sight which i injected last wednesday n its very itchy,never had this before its normal tho isnt it ??

hope all you guys are donig ok

Ali xxxx


I had all three Injetions sites come up last Sunday so went to docs

to check it out was put on antihistamines if your worried get docs to

Check you out home care nurse said this can happen hope your ok

Karen x


i will thanks xx


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