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Increase in Direct Payment care charges

I received a letter this morning from my local council telling me that my contribution to my Direct Payment charges has increased from £44 per week to a mighty £58.25 per week. I can't manage without my support workers so I'll have to manage it - but its going to be bloody hard.

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thats is terrible can you fight this? or can you maybe just have a total of two hours a week less help to save money?


this is so dreadful, these things are happening all the time now. Can you speak to your mp get this decision reversed.


And this government would like us to believe that they are not targeting the vulnerable, i'm not sure what planet they are on, but one thing for sure is the conservative party are wearing some very dark glasses. It's a pity they have an inability to put themselves in the real world of hardship and disability and speak to those of us who are.


We are all now suffering from Gordon Brown and Ed Balls grossly overspending money we hadn't got and we now have to pay back plus interest to those they borrowed from. Means there is nowhere as much money available to share around among those who need it.

Mind you, if your local council is anything like mine, there is a lot of spending that could be cut if it wasn't for Councillors having their pet projects and Party policies. They pay lip service to the disabled needing help, spend the funds on other things, then tell us they are broke.

I suggested to my Councillors that they charge £1 a journey to those of us using our bus pass, wouldn't hurt us, couple of outings a week, and use the proceeds to help the worst off. Was told it was not policy!!


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