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Worst 12 hours in my life painwise.

For the last 12 hours i have had 3 flare ups in both ankles my right hip for 1st time and have suffered the most pain to date and that takes some beating, The hardest part was trying to get around as i was on my own and it will probably happen again is there anyway i can i apply for any walking aids crutches,walking stick,zimmer even I spent most of the night crawling on my hands & knees.

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Ask gp to review, or pharmacist... your pain killers try and rest those ankles as much as possible? have you tried ankle supports?

Ali x


Ali thank you, i went into the chemist 2 moths ago for a wrist support and paid £7.99 for a strap that was ok if you played tennis, I would hate to think what 2 ankle supports would cost.


I hope the flare has subsided by now & the worst of the pain calmed down. I don't know how to get hold of crutches etc. for sure but if I was in your shoes I'd be straight on to the hospital trying to convince them to get some kit to me somehow - they should surely supply crutches at least, seeing as they let patients take them home after operations??

Re. things like ankle supports ...... well the hospital should at least suggest the cheapest place to get them. But another thought is are you on Freecycle? So many people only need this stuff for a short while, there may well be people with ankle supports etc. that they no longer need in your local area. An advert on Freecycle which starts: 'Urgent, xxx needed ....' might well elicit a very quick response.

Luce x


Have you been given any emergency contact numbers? I was given a number to contact my specialist nurse for urgent help in a flare. They run several clinics a week where you can go in for steroid jabs if needed. Also you should be referred to occupational therapy for any aids you need. I've been given splints for my fingers and hands and also specially made resting splints for night use during a flare. You shouldn't have to buy these things yourself. Your rheumy clinic or GP should be able to help you. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon

Paula x


I agree with everything that Paula mentioned. Ring you specialist nurse helpline up and tell them how you are and that you need help. It may be that your drugs need tweaking abit.

I had a yearly review with my OT last December, I told her how bad I had been the previous October and how I regretted refusing her offer of a raised toilet seat the year before. I also told her that I had trouble walking, had tried to use my hiking stick (that's from my previous life) and it was useless. Even though thanks to Enbrel I am fine at the moment she organised a raised toilet seat to be delivered to me and gave me some specially designed easy to hold walking sticks just in case I needed them in the future. She also gave me some new wrist splints because my old ones had become tatty.

I hope things are better for you today.

Take Care Paula x


Contact you rheumatology nurse and ask to be referred to rheumatology OT and physiotherapist for assessment. As Paula said, it's better to have the equipment standing by and they will be the best team to refer you on to podiatry for ankle supports which will be supplied free. The rheumatology also fitted me with wrist supports, again without charge.

For the short term though, I'm pretty sure that there is a community OT rapid response facility in most areas that you can ask for via your GP while you are in your flare.

I hope it doesn't last too long. It can be very scary. I have resorted to the chair shuffle on occasions like that - sit on one chair move a 2nd along and transfer to it. Keep repeating til you get to your destination. A bit extreme I know but I guess we learn to adapt any way we can.

I hope you feel better soon. Just keep asking for help. The rheumatology team may need a kick start from you to get it to swing into action but once they are all involved they are fantastic. Good luck



Hi Judy thank you,I have just bought all i require on e-bay all brand new and cheaper than i thought, my sister in law is a senior phisio.Matty


Matt, contact your helpline/Rheumy nurse and ask for a physio and O/T appointment. My physio used to give thing like crutches and sticks on permanent loan and advise where to buy etc. There are different types of crutch and stick for different people depending on your problem. I see many people also using their sticks at the wrong height which is bad for your shoulders and back. I was told by the head physio that the horizontal part of your stick handle should be level with your wrist, when your arm is dropped by your side. Hope that makes sense. Most sticks are adjustable.

I agree get some wrist splints etc. Have everything ready just in case.

Seems no coincidence you feel so awful in this very very cold spell of weather. It is no friend to we folks with RA/Osteo etc. So painful in the cold.

Neon kitty x


Hi Neon kitty thank you,i have just bought what i require on e-bay all brand new and a lot cheaper than i thought,Matty


Walking aids of all kinds are assessed by physios generally, though sometimes OTs will also assess and give out equipment like that. Its far better to get them properly assessed because you do need to be shown how to use them properly. Use them wrong, and it could just end up making pain and disability worse.

Ask your GP to refer you for assessment for walking aids.


Hi earthwitch thank you, I have just bought what i require on e-bay walking stick a pair of crutches and several soft and hard splints all brand new £30+free sister inlaw is a senior physio who will make sure i use them correctly.Matty


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