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increased leflunomide dose

I have recently upped my dose of leflunomide to 20 mgs instead of the 10mg I've been on for 2 years. It was a week ago and I've been feeling awful ever since. So tired and my head feels like I'm swimming thru mud. Plus joints if anything feel worse. I dont remember feeling like this when I started this drug. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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I was prescribed Leflunomide 10mg and then 20 mg alternate days so I wonder if that would suit you better. However, better to speak to your RA nurse.

Do push for the anti TNF meds as they are so good.



I only just started leflunomide last wednesday (5 days ago) and they started me on 20mg. So far (please God, because methotrexate made me so ill) no side effects. I hope you feel better soon honey, sending gentle squeezy hugs xx


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