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Vit D

Been having terrible shoulder and upper arm pain, it was keeping me awake

all night and even preventing me sleeping during the day.

I think I may have mentioned it in an earlier posting.

In the end I managed to get bloods done and it showed that my Vit D level was

ex low, almost off the scale.

I was told I would be given an injection but not for three weeks!!!

How the heck can giving an injection take so long to arrange?

I went straight out and bought Health Aid Vit D3 1000iu.

Within a week the pain lessened and has continued to improve. My latest

blood test has shown the level to be nearly up to normal.

My local GP nurse told me they are seeing loads of people suffering from lack

of Vit D. down to the awful wet year we have had I suppose.

So if you are feeling more muscle pain than normal get your levels checked,

do not start taking Vit D without testing first.

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I had the same problem with my shoulders and upper arms, I went for steroid injection but unfortunately it didn't work.

Good luck with yours and I hope it works well for you, also there are lots of people here that it did work for and quite painless too.




I have had the injection in my knees but this pain was

muscular which made me check the vit levels.

If the muscles in your upper arm are painful and you find it hard to

raise your arms above your head it may be worth checking your


Whatever, hope you get an answer as it is a miserable pain.

Ann xx


Thankyou for this,I am going to ask now for a vit d test as my main problem is shoulder and upper arm pain,I can t raise my right arm up far at all,no harm in getting it checked,thanks again love Michelle xxx


Yeah I too will ask about this as I have lots of muscular pain down my arms which stop me moving my hands. Worth checking specially with weather so bad lately.


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