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Where do these people get off?


I was having a bad day today, jittery joints and a bent up back. I had arranged to meet friends in town for coffee..determined to go I figured I could drive my automatic and I could walk with my stroller, so I did.

Because of the discomfort in my back I sat on my stroller rather than a chair in the coffee shop. We were at the point where one friend had gone to the loo and the other was queing for more coffee, when a woman came up to me and said

'left you all on your own'

I was a little surprised but replied quite civily

'well no not really one friend is in the loo and the other is getting the coffees in'

'good that you can get out' she said patting the handle of my stroller'

With a supreme effort I managed not to bow my head so she could pat that too, smiled sweetly and said

'yes it's a real life saver'

**!!$£"**!! grrrr..aaargh...sh.......

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Who said the road to hell is paved with good intentions...... or did I make that up? Just makes you want to scream.


I hate thesec comments I use an electric wheelchair or scooter when out as I cant walk far without immense pain and at only 33 it drives me nuts I had loads off comments:

I was out on my scooter and an older couple were walking past me the guy said to the woman bloody kids these days! they should get off there a@ses and walk!

Kids are best because they ask Mummy why is she in that I dont mind that at least they ask rather than presume!

And if I have gotten out off my wheelchair when out I have had comments like lazy cow fancy using a wheelchair if you can walk!

I just to cry and let these people get to me but now I feel sorry for them, its them who also have a problem being pig ignorant!!

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