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Hospital rang me today to discuss my blood results

First blood test after starting Sulphasalazine and I received my first call from the hospital with my blood results. Rushed home so I could get their phone number and ring them back, I have been told to stop taking the Sulphasalazine immediately as my liver function tests are back in the red. Then need more tests next week followed by a review at the hospital on 11th to discuss options.

This explains why I have been feeling so nauseous and why I was flaring up again. This is first time the hospital has rang with my results, so although they didnt tell me what the result was, it was reassuring to know they do actually check them in between visits.

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At least they are on the ball thats good but not good for you x


Am due to start Sulfsalazine in 2 weeks & my Rheumy told me that it's not particularly toxic but any difficulties are generally due to allergic reactions. But it does seem that a lot of people on here have had problems with it. I'll go ahead with it but it's interesting to hear that it can affect the liver, I don't think I'd clocked that.

Very glad to hear your hospital are taking good care of you & hope you feel loads better now & get an alternative drug that suits you much better.

Luce xx


Not good that your liver function tests are in the red but at least you know they are checking them and are on the ball.




I thought same as Luce - I couldn't tolerate Sulpha but it didn't affect my liver. What a shame for you but at least the monitoring worked well for you. Tilda xx


Its good that the hospital are taking good care of you.My rheumy rang me the other week about my potasium levels and to get another blood test done and that one was ok.I take sulpha and i have never had a problem with it. Sending hugs to you.xx


Well that's good they r really keeping an eye on you! Hope the next one is better for you, hang on in there it's really disappointing when the drugs are not working, but the next one might be " the one"! Hugs xx


Thanks for all ur comments. The literature for sulpha does make it sound like a baby of dmards so I thought it would help. Mayb it was just too much for me on top of the methotrexate as I still inject 25mg of that.

But im happy to know that the hospital r actually monitoring my blod results - that was reassuring. Managed best night skeep in a fortnight and not even in as much pain on waking so all is gd :-)


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