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Eye infection

I know chloramphenical cannot be used as an antibiotic for infection when taking MTX but does this apply to chloramphenical eye drops?

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I did take chloramphenical drops after I had cataracts done last year without any ill effects and my eye surgeon did know I was on MTX and Enbrel. I had to take them in decreasing dosage over 4 weeks to prevent any infection in my eyes.

If you have an infected eye, see your GP first before trying to self treat -the eye is such a delicate structure wrong treatment can do untold damage.

Hope that helps. LavendarLady x


Thanks LL I am prone to eye problems ( infections and corneal ulcers ) I have always used chloramphenical in the past. Things are different now though because of MTX I am going to check at gp surgery on my way home from work. Thanks again xx


I've got Glaucoma in one eye and have taken Chloramphenical after my last eye operation while taking MTX without problems. I also developed shingles the day after that op but I never told my rheumatology doctors - just went to the GP. I read today, in a leaflet that I should have told them in case special meds was needed!

Oh well...


I have just checked in BNF for interacations with methotrexate and chloramphenicol and there are none, chloramphenicol eye drops will be safe, they are also a topical antibiotic rather than an oral antibiotic.

There are several antibiotics which are a problem and this isnt one of them.


Hi. I was recently prescribed those drops for an eye infection by my GP. He knew I was on MTX and said it was fine. Finished the course about 3 weeks ago. No ill effects so far.


Thanks everyone for all your advice I have started another course of drops, just. Hope it doesn't lead to another corneal ulcer, fingers crossed. xxx


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