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the penalties of overdoing it.

I know you all told me to not over do it and me thinking because i felt well i did the opposite. Well i'm paying for it now. I'll start with the ot appointment,she was lovely,she has given me exercises to do on my hand and given me a splint to wear during the day as well. I already had one for the night time which i wasn't wearing,so i have to wear that as well at least until this flare up has settled down. After hospital i went on my scooter down to town as hubby had a drs appt, he met in town then we went to fetch Grace as she was at a funeral with the standard,then we came home. Still felt fairly well even though there was some pain,i knew i had over done it. By the time it came for a bath i was suffering,so i had a bath and got in bed as its the best place to be.

Didn't sleep very well and i got up this morning in quite a bit of pain. Have got very frustrated with myself for being sooo stupid in the first place. Never mind i hope i have learned my lesson!!! I have had a good od weep fest and feel better for it,that sounds daft don't it,but it helps me.

So here i sit being a good girl and doing as i'm told!!! yee right!! I can sit and try to write a few cards and tell my two where to put everything,i'll soon get told to shut up!!! joking. The steroid jab is still keeping me upbeat,you wouldn't think so from what i've been writing,but i am.

Now i'll go and find a photo for you all to enjoy.

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Hi Sylvie,

Rest up now and don't go doing too much you need some reserves for the festive season! :)


Poor you Sylvi. We have all been there, done that and got the T shirt. Have a good rest for a few days and try to do things indoors which won't wear you out too much. Glad the steroid is still working - it really does help and seems to last a month or so (at least it does with me) and settle everything down.

You may also have got a bit of a chill as well being out in your scooter, as it has been very cold, damp and windy.

Hope you will feel better soon. Love LavendarLady x


O h dear sylvi! yes writing few cards and sitting down resting today is the best plan xx


Thank you ladies, its nice to know i'm not the only one. I'm an idiot and i know it. I never learn. Am resting again and i'll try to behave myself promise.. xx


:D ! PACE makes you an ACE! Just came to me, had to say it. I hope you can stay home today, and stay out of trouble:)

I have to go out this morning, to my Bible Study Club, where they "made" me be President, so I have to conduct the meeting, etc.

We had our first snow overnight, just as predicted. Maybe an inch, West of here, near the border between Ohio and Indiana, some town s got 7-8 inches. I don't go out in 7-8 inches! Gotta go, if it's your bedtime, go and have a good one, take all your pain meds, get in bed and stay warm. Hope that works out. XX Loret


Not an idiot at all Sylvi - life would be dull if we all lived in fear of doing things we enjoy? It's just important to weigh up the benefits with the inevitable fall out - and some things are worth paying a price for where others just aren't and I guess we just have to learn to stick our knecks out and say "yea this will probably be worth it" and "no this just won't be worth it so I'm not going to do it"? Hope the steroids continue to up your mood at least.

Take care - Tilda x


3.45pm in the afternoon ladies and i've just got in had my hair coloured today,so i have been sitting down all day with plenty of cups of tea. I'll get grace to take a photo and i'll post it on here.loret i like the pace/ace comment thats a new one on me. Thank you tilda the steroid jab is still keeping me up.

Sylvi. xx


Glad your feeling a bit chirpier now. Getting your hair done is a good way to relax. Can't wait to see picy. Take care xxx


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