RAin, RAin, go away…

RAin, RAin, go away…

Living in the Lakes I know all about rain. It does it A LOT. We have every type of rain there is on a regular and pretty unrelenting basis. I practically live in my wellies. Since being diagnosed in ‘07 with RA I actually find that my wellies are probably the most comfortable thing I own footwear wise and I easily go through a pair a year. I think I love my wellies. This is why I’m so cross with myself for leaving them outside on the doorstep to fill up with rain. I did not just do this once but twice this week. The very same week that we’ve had torrential rain….grrrr!

I’m sure that before I had my lovely children and subsequently pregnancy/mother brain this would never have been a burning issue of mine. I’m also sure that before the RA I wasn’t so soft headed and forgetful…or am I just being hopeful? For an educated and fairly intelligent woman it’s incredibly frustrating to be so ditsy. I wonder if it’s the combination of family life, RA, medications and the dreaded fatigue that makes me so scatter-brained and clumsy? Ok, so I’ve always been a bit cack-handed but have noticed a higher level of incompetence when it comes to doing the simplest of tasks recently…like spilling milk all over the worktop when I was definitely on target for the mug or filling the sink up with water only to have it splash back in my face off a spoon! Unlucky? Maybe, but before I’d have probably laughed it off, now I just feel like it’s another kick in the teeth - a change if top, more time wasted, extra jobs created that I could do without…sometimes having RA makes relatively common mishaps much harder to deal with.

I regularly wish that the rain would just blooming stop; it’d be far better for my aching body for a start but then there wouldn’t be any lakes without all the rain would there, so I shouldn't be so selfish. I also secretly wish that my RA would go away too but then, I have come to realise, I wouldn't be me, would I? As begrudgingly as I accept the rain I accept my diagnosis – it's now a big part of my life ‘weather’ I like it or not...

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Hi Jo

Thought I'd already commented but probably didn't press submit, duh! Love your blog, love the Lakes, complete with rain! What a fab place to live :) From being 'up north' myself the Lake District has always been a favourite haunt. Many a holiday has been spent hiking the fells and boating the lakes, even swimming Lake Windermere... mainly pre-RA days I have to add!

Yes, the RA and associated drugs have a lot to answer for. 'Brain mush' and the 'dits' is now a common feature and I too regularly experience moments of mental aberration. But, at the end of the day, we have no choice but to accept 'our lot' and move on. Either that or drive ourselves completely mad in search of the elusive cure!

Just inside your door put a large sticky, "WELLIES!"


Yes, we are very lucky to live here and to have family and friends not too far away is a huge bonus, especially now. I guess when you live anywhere though you become accustomed to it and don't see it for what it really is a very beautiful place and truly there isn't anywhere better to be when the sun IS shining!! I just find that the winter drags on more so up here and live for the better weather...I like going away but love coming home ;)


Your blog could so easily be me!!! I dropped a marmite pot on the floor a few weeks ago and it smashed everywhere and I nearly cried - and yes I did blame RA. Although on reflection the real problem was probably having 2 children getting stroppy because they wanted their lunch and so I wasn't concentrating on what I was doing. The thought of having to wash the floor again was just too much!!

I used to love wearing my wellies but I find they give my feet enough support now. I wear a proper walking shoe with orthotics in now nearly all the time.

We love the Lake District and try to visit at least once a year. We used to do a lot of fell walking whilst we were there but now I tend to spend most the time trying out the many tea shops and pubs.


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