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how many people on here have


dont know weather ive asked before how many people on here have cold feet and get cold sores and any info

doc gave me some nifedipine but me lip all swelled and whent sore off just 6 doses so stopped now going to go back

my mate tels me he had same problem and got something called naftidrfuryl

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Hi, I suffer coldsores if I get run down and they often coincide with my menstrual cycle. I was advised by the rheumy nurse to ask my GP for antiviral medication such as aciclovir but I've not tried them. I just worry about filling my body with even more drugs so just use aciclovir cream like zovirax as soon as I feel one coming on. I'm not sure about the link with cold feet but yes I have them too.

thanks pauly didnt know it was a virus thought it was brought on by bad circulation

regard john


You have had an allergic reaction minka (john) it will not be safe for you to take the nifedipine again.. as with repetition of exposure allergic reactions can increase in severity.

Dr could possible prescribe allternative drug.. he must be treating you as a raynaurds sufffer as nifefdinpine is used for this it dilates or makes blood vessels larger increasing flow to peripheral limbs .


clod sores as paula says are caused by a virus herpes simplex to be precise and they are found on lip/ mouth area and treated by anti viral creams and ointments x

minka in reply to Hidden

thanks summer you have put things into perspective some one knows something on here

Hi John & all,

I have never had cold sores, but I have had a problem with cold feet and hands this past few months. Also, I have always had problems with white dead fingers if they get very cold and it is really painful. I've wondered about raynaurds in the past, but I just dismissed it. June x

minka in reply to petalnumber2

junh its always worth getting checked out instead of leaving it thats what ive found out now

The last 10 yrs I have had hot feet and hands could no bare to wear shoes or socks even in the snow since been on mtx had to buy shoes and socks and now wear gloves in the house had to buy then as well as never worn them before


minka in reply to justlizz

lizz ive nowt to complain about then hope you get some reliefe when the warmer weather comes

mine go hot when it starts getting about 8pm like a bleeeding clock these are


Hi John, for some reason my cold feet are a lot better lately, it had been a problem all winter so far. Sometimes I tend to ignore the bleeding obvious & the problem improved considerably when I started wearing really warm bed socks & thermal leggings at night! If you get that good old fashioned ailment chilblains I believe it's made worse by lack of Vitamin C?? So fresh fruit & veg help that. Exercise too, of course, to stimulate the circulation. I get the impression your cold feet have got beyond this common sense approach but it's always worth going through a check list of the most simple & obvious remedies so I thought I'd mention them just in case!

Luce x

minka in reply to Hidden

hii luce when i have done me exersises at night they do warm up your right their but im going to go back and see if i can change those tablets go in for me opp next week so im dreading that if ive got cold feet and its circulation especialy when they are doing a bit of cutting OH DOSNT BEAR THINKING ABOUT. YUK

ive got some vit c tablet with ion other day so will try them

Since being on mtx my feet and hands are permantly cold !!!! Heating on full blast tonight but wot ever it is I'm so cold in hands and feet,cold sores I also get when run down xx

minka in reply to Shell1967

mustt be the drugs in your case shell mine is possibly cos i have as sexy limp type walk at moment that im trying to conseal by walking proper

shake my legs and the knees rattle for some reason

Shell1967 in reply to minka

Lol !!! Happy monday to you :))) xx

I also suffer from frozen hands and feet, all of me a bit more than i used to-I was wondering if it is the mtx or maybe just the factthat i can't whizz around like I used to-everything is slower and I guess that doesn't get the blood flowing which makes us chilly. Not that this weather helps..I keep dreaming of a sunny day in the hope I feel warmer x

yes you could be right their been for a short walk this morning hard but mannaged it now things on the old tingling again.

should do shorter rest then off again maybe but onece ya going your going

im in for pre opp today knee inspection next week not looking forward to it


John have you joined the Raynauds Site yet I wonder? I looked at it and even emailed the contact person because my fingers kept going white and feet often very cold too. She was nice and emailed me a helpful reply explaining the difference between primary and secondary Raunauds (more serious) and I decided that I didn't fit the description of secondary and the primary one was unlikely. I then realised that it usually gets much worse the day after I take my MTX and interestingly this week is my first week off both my DMARD drugs because I've had a heavy cold. So will see how things go when I'm out with the dogs today but I suspect it will be much better than usual. Also my friend who is a nurse pointed out that I've lost a lot of weight in the past few years and that could also account for cold extremities.

I think in your case I'd be really interested in what Summer has said about the drug you are on for Raynauds and would be looking into that more as it can be mild but can also be very serious so might be worth joining the UK Raynauds site (lost the details now but found it online) and joining. Tilda xx

hi tilda nice to here from you

i took some nifendipine and it swelled me lips up so stopped whent back docs nowt else they can give me but seems to have passed a bit now with those GINKGO BILOBA TABS I BOUGHT

im body energy wise feeling bloody great today and i have been waking up with no knee pain just ankle pain on that leg and its only a bit then when i get up half an hr after kicks in

my op on knee is next thursday and i am still wondering if the private rumy i saw who said it was spongropthy entesis was right am i on the part of the mountain which is the other side from all this pain which he described it as or what (climb then reliefe on way down)

well knee man is going to have a look at me ligaments in it and not looking forward to lipmping again. they said if they see somthing thats a quick fix they will do it but if its big got to go back

i am getting the impression from my body response over the last 2 days like in 2 monthsi could pull this back

so im sitting myself of going back to all that pain i had in april last year to walk again

the phisio ive been going to has got my quad working again with the pulse machine and ultra sound then the old acupunture

the quads are like strong bricks again its just whats below it not quite performing to my expectation but i have not moly coddled it so maybe its paying off.

and im having a verry energetic feeling today feel like going for a run but i cant i know that

maybe i should share what tabs ive been tacking from over the counter on my reserch.

but going back to the renolds will have a look cos if their is anything that gets ya down it ther old plates of meat being cold

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