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Moving on

Hi all

Not me moving on.My oldest son(21) has moved this weekend to Fife to be with his lovely girlfriend and i'm happy for them but also feel sad.Greg is a great kid and i'll really miss him.Hubby and his little sister drove him up on Friday and i managed to hold back the tears until they left but it was diffficult.I can't imagine how the mother's with kids going to Afghanistan cope.

RA not great at the moment - ESR up Iron count low (8.1) so feeling knackered all the time.Struggling at work - we had a lovely e-mail last week from big big boss that he knows we're understaffed but he's sure we can cope! Great but he doesn't have to put up with the abuse from customers due to delays.

Oh well i'm back at the hospital on Tuesday for knee and elbow steroid iinjections (that's something to look forward to!)Just hope they help with the pain and swelling and we're going to plan the next course of action treatment wise.

Onwards and upwards!

Take care

Julie XX

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Hi Julie,

I can sympathise with you, my eldest moved to Liverpool in September to go to uni, I cried and cried when he left and i miss him loads, but i'm getting used to it now and it's so much easier to keep in touch, i talk to him every week on Skype. My middle one is in Year 11 and wants to join the army when he leaves school so i'm worried about him and what could happen! My daughter leaves school in 2013 and plans to do A Levels then uni, so in 4 years time they could all be gone!! After all these years of being a busy mum what am i going to do?? OMG!

Sorry to hear that you are suffering at the moment, the steroid injections should help you and i know it's easier said than done but try and take it easy.

all the best

Lyn x


Julie, my son caught a plane in september for usa as he has got a job on the cruise ships and he will be gone until march. We took him to the airport and yes i sobbed my heart out after he had gone. Its xmas that i find will be difficult no son and my daughter is working 10-2 at the spar. The only upside is i know my son is having a whale of time doing what he loves,and its travelling. His ship is called the carnival dream,if you look on the carnival website you'll see his ship,then like me you will wish you could be onboard as well.

Mt depression is not as good as it could be and i'm in a fair bit of pain too. I'm seeing rheumy on thursday so i think there will some alteration with drugs.

Take care my friend.

Love sylvi. xx



I can empathise with you. However at 21 I guess he'll be back! My daughter too moved out at 21 to live with her boyfriend and I was very sad, it did'nt last and she was glad to be home. Hopefully your son will make it but things are v different nowadays and not unusual tolive with a few different people before settling down.

My son moved in with his boyfriend at 22, and that broke my heart, he was so good to have at home and kind, but it was time and he really has a lovely partner, all that took some getting used to but we made it and he is still very happy with a lovely guy :).

I still have my 20 yr old, who has no intention of leaving! haha too comfy.

It really gives you a chance to re evaluate your life and relationships when a b bird leaves the nest.

Good Luck, Gina.


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