Strange day at costa del bulkington

Strange day at costa del bulkington

Afternoon friends, This has been a bit of a strange day. First of i've been up since 5.ooam as usual i couldn't sleep.Weird dreams again,thats the second night in a row i've had weird dreams. The ones i had this morning was about my late mum,haven't had any of those lately. Hubby got up early as well,not as early as me,he had a bit of pain so he got up and we had a pot of tea between us. We like our tea. I haven't felt off in my head or anything like that,no depression,but i am exhausted. All i've done today is dozing. I haven't had the energy to do anything. I'm wondering what my body is trying to tell me,am i over doing it and my body is telling me to stop,i don't know. I look and feel well and i feel quite perky (not in pinky and perky)!!!! and cheerful,just a with a body that doesn't want to move.

The weather has been quite dull again today, and its not been that warm either. I am home alone tonight as both hubby and daughter are at work. What to watch on the tv as nowadays it a load of rubbish. Does anyone feels like this regarding the tv.

Hope you all have a lovely evening whatever your doing.

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  • hi sylive,i love the picure of your scooter, im uber jealous! i totally agree with you on the tv front, rubbish! i usually stay in bed with my laptop and watch the tv shows on that. also with too many cups of tea! i dont know what i would do without tea! enjoy your weekend

    i hope you get more energy soon


  • Thanks Laney,i have a telly in our bedroom,all the creature comforts that a lady with ra/fibro needs!! iI might take my laptop upstairs tonight as wel.


  • Hello Sylive, you should try meditation and Yoga (a type of physical exercise) if you are facing problem with your sleep. I am sure this will help you alot... If you think positive about it just let me know I can help you on lots of 'Yoga Asaan' which is invented by Indian Sages...

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