done nearly all my pressie buying!!!!!

Now to make you all sick!!

Went to asda today and while hubby and grace were doing the shopping i went upstairs to clothing dept. i managed to get hubby some,socks,fleece and slippers. His presents are now the only things to wrap. My in-laws are all wrapped and ready to go as are my brothers and sister. Daughters are wrapped as well. Our son had money when he went away in sept,and i've also got him a painting for his bedroom for when he comes home in march. Now i have the horrible task of writing the xmas cards. That is very hard for me to do as my hands are not very good. I think i will have to write them 10 at a time so as not to put too much strain on my hands. JUST to make things moreb grrr!!!! i have had 2 xmas cards sent here already, i couldn't believe it when they dropped through the door.

Its been a funny old week this week. Monday we had hubby rushed back to the docs as he was still unwell,got that sorted out with new drugs and medicine and he is getting there,still finds it hard going at the moment,but i keep telling him it won't settle overnight.

Yesterday i felt b****y awful,couldn't tell you how i felt. I have been sweating an awful lot this week, but yesterday was the worst. I'm not sure if i have a chest infection,but we are seeing the doctor tomorrow so i will find out then.

The weather isn't helping either its damp,chilly and miserable,but we're being told it is going to warm up for the weekend. I wish.

Well all my friends i think i should finish this little story, now you can all breath a sigh of relief!!!!!!!!"


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Hi sylvi, glad you got it all done. I have got some Xmas pressies including most importantly, gifts for the friends we are spending Xmas Day with. Have got hubby's present and the pressies for a couple of friends who will be on a river cruise over Xmas. Still have to get my friend's birthday pressie as hers is the 23rd December. Need to get pressies for the 2 grand children (son and daughter in law have asked for money to put towards their new sofa so that present problem solved although may get them something small). son's birthday is 6th December so need to get something for him as well.

Glad to hear hubby is better. It will take time and he cannot rush it otherwise will put himself back to square one.

I have been out with the Land Agents this morning but was well wrapped up against the damp. By the time I got back the clouds were clearing, the sun was coming out and the sky was blue. How much better it makes you feel.

Hope you will feel better soon. Good you are seeing the doctor. sounds like a bit of an infection going on there. Love LavendarLady x


The shopping queen strikes again! I have only go a few things so far!, Hope you arent going down with something?

Alison x


Am at the docs tomorrow morning so we'll see,the way i feel i think its a chest infection. I have suffered with this type of thing all my life. I haven't had a dose since i got ra. I was realy ill with it before i got diagnosed with ra,it was only when i went for the flu jab that i found out that i had had pneumonia when i was told i needed a jab for it too. The good thing with ra is i don't seem to catch anything anymore,which is a blessing. After the docs we have the 11.11.11th parade and grace is carrying the standard for nuneaton and stockingford branch of the brit. legion,hope we get out of the docs before it starts as hubby would like to march too.

Just got to put the decorations up and get the food in and write the cards and i'm done. We always put deccies up first wekend of december so i will enjoy that,not that i'll be able to do much, i'll supervise.

Sylvia. xx


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