Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend

I have just had a really good weekend which I have enjoyed very much.

Saturday was Guy Fawkes night at the club in our next village so donned my hi viz jacket and went along to help as promised. Made a big pan of mushroom soup - pleased to say it all went with many nice comments and the other lady doing soup did Pea and Ham which also went down very well.

We also served hamburgers and sausages in rolls and the bar was open. Hubby with 2 others manned the bar all evening and were rushed off their feet. Very glad to sit down occasionally as legs were aching and did manage to get a drink and have some soup and a hot dog before the fireworks started. £500 worth went up in smoke in 15 minutes! But everyone including all the children,thoroughly enjoyed the display. We had a really big bonfire going being looked after by several of the men - it had a barrier all round it so no one could get too close. We had done a risk assessment and health and safety very much to the fore! The bonfire stayed within its confines and the fireworks were let off the other side of the lane in the local farmers field.

We had had the fire brigade up to check everything and they were well satisfied with the arrangements. Plenty of stewards as well to control everything including car parking.

One little boy had his face painted like a tiger so we had growling matches and every time he saw me, I was mugged!

Got home about 9 p.m. to put feet up for an hour or so and then off to bed as hubby particularly was very tired and his ankle was aching with all the standing (the one he broke last year).

Sunday was grand son's 4th birthday so off we went for a party taking his present. A large dumper truck and another truck with a trailer behind. It all came in one package from Early Learning Centre. He is very into dumper trucks and bulldozers. The other grand parents were there as well plus friends of my son and his wife and of course, other children including Matthew's best friend Oscar. A very noisy party (would hate to run a nursery school!). But everyone enjoyed themselves. We had sausages and jacket potatoes with various other bits and pieces and some wine. My son and his friend had organised a small firework display in the garden which I think the adults enjoyed more than the children who were more interested in playing with Matthew's presents! I even had a sparkler to make circles in the sky and write my name. lol. Oscar and I had great fun with the sparklers.

In the morning, 3 of us went down to our War Memorial to clean it all up. I let the men do the heavy work as I can't kneel down but did manage to dig out a few weeds and also washed the marble plaque and scrubbed off the lichen on the stones. The two men took all the moss off the top of the memorial and also dug out the edges and the big weed clumps so it was left neat and tidy ready for the service next Sunday. One of the councillors (a farmer) went down in the afternoon and sprayed weedkiller on the surrounding pavement. Did suffer for it later as back, shoulders, fingers and wrists ached.

So all in all, a good weekend and one of my better ones. Feel as if I achieved something. Also wore my brand new leather knee boots with a broad low heel = very comfortable with jodhpurs tucked in, australian bush hat on and my barbour. so warm as well although the rain held off on Saturday and it turned mild but windy.

LavendarLady x

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Would loved to have seen a photo of you in your gear you should have posted one. Glad you had a lovely weekend. You don't mind suffering a bit when you have achieved something. Grandchildren my two don't seem interested. Neither of them are in a relationship. Grace not interested, george of travelling. I'll enjoy yours when you tell us about them like todays post.



That sounds like a great weekend LL, you do keep yourself busy


Soup, soup did someone say soup!!! Next time you make some could you make me some watercress and patatoe please - that's yummy! Sounds like a great weekend - you'll need a good rest now :)


sounds like you had a great time xx


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