Ever expanding waistlines!

Ever expanding waistlines!

Why might you ask would this be the title of my blog....well we have suddenly lots of new people in the office which always calls for cake and we also seem to have recently had a flurry of birthdays in the office which of course calls for cake and I seem to spend a great deal of time in my car which of course calls for Jaffa Cakes! Hence the ever expanding waistline!

Volunteer Network team up sticks and moved down the corridor to the other office to be nearer our colleagues in Helpline which is great but of course this meant being nearer the cake supply, which is not so good! We now have a new member of our team Maimie Hume who joined us on 13th September and has already been to Salisbury, Oldham and Redditch so we’ve definitely dropped her in at the deep end however I am very glad to say she is doing a fantastic job and has sunk beneath the waves of emails and paper I keep sending her way.

Since I last blogged, I’ve been promoted to Director of External Affairs (this is your opportunity to be impressed and say “OOOOH”) however this role brings with it a great deal more work and responsibilities (your opportunity to be sympathetic and say “AAHHH”). So Tracey (newly promoted Director of Development) seem to spend a great deal of time in meetings and flitting here there and everywhere representing NRAS which does enable us to shoulder some of the pressures from Ailsa and I must admit is challenging but rewarding.

This week has been yet another typical week with lots going on which I thought would be interesting for you to have a peek inside a “week in the life of NRAS”....

Monday- Scary realisation that the deadline for the winter NRAS magazine is looming; booked the NRAS Christmas meal; phew only 45 emails today to deal with; must read 30 page document outlining a project.

Tuesday- 7am start to drive to Redditch to visit rheumatology team at Alexandra Hospital; journey back in time for editorial meeting on the magazine before final preparations for Health Care Champions event in the Speakers State Apartments in the Palace of Westminster (other opportunity to say “OOOOH”) It was fantastic to celebrate the exemplary work of so many excellent health care individuals and teams from across the UK. Wonderful to have our patron Teresa May, Home Secretary and MP there to present the prizes.

Wednesday – More emails!! Group issues ironed out; teleconference regarding the next members’ survey then off to Stevenage for an evening patient meeting, phew back home before 11pm!

Thursday - 2 teleconferences before a meeting to discuss patient education plans

Friday – Thank Crunchie it’s Friday but how come my to do list is longer not shorter than it was on Monday – at least we managed to find organise some members to talk to the media on early diagnosis, some more to do media work on work issues and one to visit a pharmaceutical company in December to give the patient’s perspective at a meeting not to mention prepare to visit a Asian Community Health Seminar on Sunday...yes Sunday!

If anyone can invent something to give me more hours in a day I’d really be grateful! HA. Please be assured everyone here at NRAS is working flat out for you and for all living with RA and without your support we wouldn’t be able to do all we do so a big thank you to all our NRAS Members and if you’re not currently an NRAS Member please, please consider becoming one, as we NEED you just as much as YOU need NRAS. nras.org.uk/help_for_you/me...

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  • Lovely tale of what you all do at head office. If your coming up the m6 anytime i live just outside coventry i will always make you a cup of tea or if you want a loo break your more than welcome to call in. It would be nice to see who is looking after our interests.


  • Thanks Sylvia,I may well keep that in mind as ladies of a certain age often need a quick loo break on long journeys ! You're very kind

  • Thats no problem,would love to see you,also it will be nice to see someone other than my family,love them to bits though. Don't see many people now i'm unable to work. People say they will call round,but the forget. As i'm not allowed to drive i get a bit stuck. If any of you want a cuppa or loo break please feel free to call. It would be nice to put a face to the names of you lovely people who work on our behave.

    Sylvia.. xxxx

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