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Scuba Diving


I am on Methotrexate and Humira and am going on holiday in Feb. I am wanting to know, does anybody know, whether I can go scuba diving with me taking these drugs?

Thanks in advance


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My other half has taught Scuba Diving for 7 years & is a PADI master scuba diver trainer, so I picked his brain on this one for you. I have attached a link to a PADI medical questionnaire. You would have to answer yes to the question about prescription medication, (and possibly the exercise one depending on your RA). A yes to any question means you will need to get signed off by a doctor who does dive medicals (usually about £30). My partner doesn't see any obvious problem with the medication (I'm on Mtx too) though, but he would send you for a medical. But remember diving puts extra strain on all of the bodies systems, and fatigue can be issue for even fit divers, infections in sea water can also be an issue especially tropical waters. So extra precautions will need to be taken. He would recommend you don't leave it until you are on holiday to contact a dive centre about any of the above but contact a local dive centre for advice (and initial training) you can complete the classroom work & pool dives at home then complete the open water dives on holiday just ask for a referral course this will mean you spend less time studying and more time diving on your holiday some of the course can be completed online now.

Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday.


Thank you so much for taking the time to find out for me. I should have stated that my husband and I are only wanting to take a short padi course whilst on holiday with training in a pool and then a small open water dive its only 1/2 a day.

Dont know if this makes any difference?

I will see if we have a course around us and ask the questions.

thanks again



Hi Lynn

Simon here, Sian's (Reni73) other half, the medical questions will not change no matter what course you're doing so you should still get a doctors opinion & fitness to dive certificate / medical before you leave the UK.

Where in Egypt are you going? I worked in Sharm el Sheikh for 18 months so if you're going there I can give you some advice on who to dive with as there are over 500 dive centres in Sharm and not all are as god as the should be.




Hi Simon

Thanks for your reply. We are going on a weeks cruise and the two days are when we are near aqaba ?? Near Jordan I do not know who it will be with but we would have to book it through thomsons on board

Is there a special doctor in the uk I would have to get a certificate off?

I have pulled off the paperwork that Sian guided me to and am reading through?


Hi ok so if you don't know who your diving with the best thing to do is go to and find a dive centre near your home they will be able to point you in the direction of a gp in your area that can do medicals also check with your own gp as they may be able to help

Enjoy your diving it will be a wonderful experience the Red Sea is full of life and so beautiful and warm also just take your time relax and enjoy it


Thank you again Simon for all your advice.

Will heck now x



Wow rein, that's a great answer, it's amazing what everyone knows on this site. axxxx


Glad to be of help :) x


Its a brilliant site allanah x


Ye people on here are gret, someone always knows even the most technical stuff!!!


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