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Do not be put off by the title of this blog. The wind has played a very important role in my activities today. As you all know, this years fruit harvest has been phenomenal and I have been crushing, pressing and juicing apples all day today in my wonderful Vigo crusher and press. The process depends heavily on the wind and how much pressure you can apply to the mulch. The lower it gets the harder it is to wind. Ha! I wonder how many of you thought I was about to make some vulgar assertion. Serves you all right. There's more than one way to pronounce an I. Pre MTX I couldn't have juiced a marsh-mallow but now I can strain with the best of them. Of course the whole process is a real pain in the proverbial and I had proverbials all over my body when we'd finished because winding up and down is only a small part of the whole process which also involves, cleaning the fruit, cutting it for the crusher which doesn't like them whole, bottling in plastic bottles, making space in the freezer etc etc and you're up and down more often than a lavatory seat in an incontinence unit. Now there's wind for you if you like. Yes I was pretty much aching all over by the time we'd finished cleaning up the equipment in the bath. Still we made about 15 litres which is about £45 worth according to the prices in our local farm shop. I reckon we've had our money back now on the initial outlay of about £400 from Vigo at Dunkeswell Airfield, which is just as well, because I'm beginning to wonder whether the pain and suffering involved is worth all the trouble when the grandchildren will have probably drunk the lot before Xmas. I think I'll have a naprosyn now or at the very least a nap

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well done, it will be well worth all your efforts, fresh apple juice is amazing, much better than shop stuff! and of course the odd cider goes down rather well in my opinion

:-) Hiccup!


We can rely on you to make us smile. Good on you ben for making the juice. I wish i could do that and more. I'm still recovering from falling off my scooter.

Smiling at your blog,sylvia


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