Some words really stir my imagination. Citihound set me off today by commenting on a blog which included the word 'ruminate'. Now Citihound being a dog got me wondering. Does he 'ruminate' on lamposts or car tyres I wondered. I await his reply.

Another comment sings the virtues of a 'vent'. Now I can 'vent' with the best of them, especially after MTX and baked beans. Perhaps she didn't mean this sort of vent. There's no way of knowing without being a mind reader if the context is ambiguous. (If anyone can understand this last sentence then they're a better person than I.)

'Futtocks'! I say 'Futtocks'! What a lovely word. The old wooden timbers of a sailing ship. No nothing to do with bottoms. I know exactly what you're thinking. Disgraceful!

Finally for tonight 'Hyperbole' Oh the beauty of the English language. 'Hyperbole' How superbly this describes the huge dish out of which I eat my weetabix topped with MTX tablets. Yes my 'hyperbole' describes it to a T.

3 Replies

  • What a thought,you know how to make people think. Keep it up.mxt and beans thats a windy topic!!!!

  • Lamp posts I guess are best Ben. :)

    xx Gina.

  • Interesting, I have been ruminating about how I ruminate and think the variety of ways is endless........the trick is not to get caught!

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