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Increase in MTX dose

Had my first injection of 20mg of MTX on Wednesday - my Rheumy having put it up from 15 to 20 because of the flare ups. Spent the last 48 hours feeling really sick so if this continues will ask him to drop me down again. I really hate that drug. My hair is getting thinner and thinner, skin is very dry which I think is the MTX so spend a fortune on creams to help.

Had a breakfast meeting this morning - still feeling sick so only had coffee. There were some delicious looking cookies and shortbread available but didn't dare have one in case I disgraced myself by throwing up. Did have some toast and marmite before I went (love my mate Marmite - it always makes me feel better).

Berrypup very pleased to see me when I got home as he must have wondered where I had gone. Cleaner here and busy hoovering away - one less job to do but I must tidy up the dining room. This is normally where I work so I tend to spread everywhere. Can't get anywhere near the study as Himself has taken it over and also spreads out even on the floor! The meeting was in a private house (mansion really) and greeted at the door by a friendly yellow labrador with a leaf in its mouth to show us. Beautiful morning here with mist just beginning to burn off in the sunshine.

I suppose MTX makes you feel so bad as it is highly toxic. I do wonder what it is doing to us sometimes. Finished the antibiotics last weekend for my absent tooth and think the fact they are working themselves out as well is contributing to feeling really generally ill this week. But RA is still quiet apart from fingers getting knotted up occasionally. I am sure our bodies are not meant to process all these artificial chemicals. What with that and whats in our food, we don't stand a chance sometimes. Gum has settled down and today is the last day for the salt rinses which have really helped the healing.

Had another meeting last night as well and didn't get home until 8.45 p.m. and then still had to eat so got some fish and chips from the local chippy. He cooked me a lovely piece of cod although he was just about to close up.

Meetings all over the place at present - another one Monday night and Tuesday morning - all to do with proposed developments in our villages which we are fighting. It's all go. Being a lawyer I usually get roped in to put together the various reports and conclusions even though I am not a planning lawyer but we did have some experts at this morning's meeting.

Still feeling sicky so will just have some cooked chicken for lunch I think.

Hope this goes off soon. Love LavendarLady x

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:-{ Sorry to hear that you're feeling so icky. I found that when my dosage went up to 25mg (injections] I was like this for the first 3 weeks or so and then my body adjusted. The best thing for the dry skin is Efamol Marine - treating it from the inside - it's prescribed for eczema by some drs. This and drinking lot of water has really helped my skin and stopped the 'bodydruff' effect.

Hope that you've got the lovely sunshine that we're enjoying here in the north-east. Very much a season of mellow fruitfulness - cold with early mist clearing to show autumn's glorious colours. My back is incredibly sore but feel better after a session in the woods with my waggy springer spaniels dashing around chasing falling leaves - you can't help but smile:-}

Cece x


Thanks Cece, will look out for the Efamol Marine. The dermatologist recommended creams with Urea in as they apparently absorb water from the air and help stop water evaporating from the skin. LL


Dear Lavender Lady I do hope the dreadful sickly feeling soon settles down.When I have to attend meetings {too many} I take a few Rich Tea biscuits with me.They do seem to help.

I also asked to decrease my methotrexate as I felt ' over medicated'.I was initially prescribed 20mg and have had this reduced to 15mg.As I am now on Cimzia injections I intend to see if it is possible to stop the methotrexate completely.I do worry about the amount of toxic chemicals floating around in my system.

According to a friend who trained as a hairdresser we should lose approx 100 hairs per day.When I look at my hairbrush I think I lose twice that amount each time I brush my hair. I've found the only product that helps my dry skin is my Clinique moisturiser.

The colours are beautiful at this time of year. I don't have a dog at the moment and on days like these I often feel there would be nothing better than a walk in the woods with a dog at my heels.

I do hope you feel better soon.

Avril x



Have been to see the pharmacist who has given me something to settle the tum down although he says the folic acid should soon sort it out. If it continues I am to mention it to either Gp or consultant who can give me anti sickness pills (which I have had before!). I don't know, you get one thing to cure something, then another to sort out the side effects you are only getting because of the thing you are on to start off with!

What a life! lol.

Dog training this afternoon and tried not to bend down too much as otherwise I feel really sick but managed to get through it without a problem. Just had some cooked chicken and feel a bit better + the stuff the pharmacist gave me.

Also been getting acid reflux at night so think it is all to do with the drugs I am on. I really, really hate this disease and what it is doing to me! LavendarLady x


Try e45 cream,my late ra nurse recommended to me and i use twice a day. It helps the skin. Love sylvia.xx


Hi L.L,

The only comment I can make re mtx increase is I noticed a significant improvement going from 15mg to 20mg. I have tried to reduce back to 15 & a disimprovement was noted.

So good luck!

Ps. I want your life. Mansions, barrister, labs with leafs! Cleaners!

Actually, I have a cleaner coming to do my dwelling mañana .

:) love ya, Gina.


dwelling manana? just googled that (rather than ask you) and it tells me that manana are a band from switzerland, ooh er Gina :)

LavenderLady, thats not nice, poor you, hope it settles soon and works for you. We have a springer spaniel (like cece above) as well, Teal who has a lovely gentle nature for a springer, trained very easily thankfully as I don't need to worry about holding a lead, she's in season at the moment so she's looking a bit......frustrated!!

as you know, I'm having the same problem with my hair, can't quite bring myself to get a wig yet but have seen one on the site you recommened to me which is the hair I've always wanted, so if I do it I'm going to with style :)



THanks guys. Sylvi, I used to use E45 but the dermatologist told me it only touches the surface of the skin and smooths it - it doesn't deal with the underlying problem hence the recommendation for creams with urea in which I ,must admit do work very well. I really need to do a good exfoliation as well as skin is always better after that and then slather on the cream.

Gina, just to make you jealous, at our meeting this morning, was met at the door by the butler who asked if Madam would like tea or coffee and poured my coffee for me, leaving a silver (solid!)coffee pot on a small stove to keep warm on the table. Incidentally the table would have comfortably seated at least a 2 dozen people. I can get 10 round mine but it is a bit of a squash.

Feeling a little better this evening so the pharmacist's recommendation has helped. Been to an Art Exhibition and had a glass of bubbly as well which I find a great pick me up.

Wiliby, I didn't know Manana was a band from Switzerland. I thought it meant tomorrow! Glad you have found something on the site you like. If you find it is not right when you get it, they are very good on returns.

Berrypup met his pals at the class today - he has not seen them for 3 weeks with me being laid up with the infected tooth - so a bit like old home week between 3 dogs.

LavendarLady x


hi all,

it has been such an uplift to read your latest blogs re meetings at mansions,

butlers, strange bands and odd dogs ! ! such a laugh ! !

i too have a dog, golden retreiver, she has been such a help to me - even when i am in pain and stiff i take her out to the woods and laugh and laugh and the stupid things she does and herexpresssions ! ! but thank god i am not the only mad women who walks the woods talking and laughing with her dog !

keep up the goodwork ! ! !



Hi Beachbabe, Yes I do talk all the time to my dogs - I do get some funny looks at times! Himself has just taken both down to the Rugby Club for a good run and they have come back exhausted so some peace and quiet for the rest of the day.

Feeling much better today so on the next MTX injection (next Wednesday) will see how I get on. LavendarLady x


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