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Starting a new life


Hi, Sorry I have not blogged few a few weeks but my life has ready changed and the new year is going to be a real eye opener. Just to fill you in if you forgot or new. I have had RA for some 15 years and was resently put on methotrexate which gave me a lung infection and I was in hospital for two weeks on oxygen. I am out now and feeling better, still get a bit out of breath but on the mend. Not gone back to work yet. I called work the other day and gave my progress and found out I was being made redundant. Being 60 and with RA I don,t think I will ever get back to work, in fact I feel I don,t want to. I have worked all my life and feel I need a rest and do the things I want to do at last. I know I am heading into the benefit minefield and wonder if I can survive. I am thinking of starting my own business at home so I can have a small income. I am a graphic designer and have all the software and contacts so the new year brings a new hope. If anyone wants a good, low price design I am available. I am going in today to see the boss and see what the redundant package is an when I leave. Will keep you informed. Going on a caravan weekend with my son this weekend in thetford forest to chill out and think things through.

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Hi Beeper, how good to hear from you again. Where are you as you mention Thetord forest which is not far from me.? Hope you have a really good weekend and the business gets off the ground and you get a really decent redundancy package.

As you are only 60 and men don't retire until 65, you may need to apply for Job Seekers Allowance which will also lead you onto other benefits as well. Do bear in mind that your redundancy package may alter your entitlements. worth popping into the Job Centre to see where you stand.

Good luck. LavendarLady x

Hi beeper,

Welcome back sorry you were nt well, glad you r feeling better.

I wonder will I be offered some sort of golden handshake on this current sick leave stint, I feel I am a liability at this stage, bouquets & cards alone, they must think I'm not worth paying a pension for. We l see?



Hi Beeper,

My sister will be starting up her own company in the new year, I will try bully her (in a sisterly way of course!) into using your services :)

I hope this works out for you, I think that must be a great job to do, I would have loved to have been a graphic designer but lack the talent and brains!

Wishing you all the best :)


Good luck with business venture, welcome back xx

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