When to GP today to see how I've been coping and get sick note. He checked me over due to intensive pain in lower back and hip shooting

He then asked for urine test which was tested while there found traces of protein and blood OMG was first thought then ok what's this. Should I be worried could it be side effect of methotreate and hydrochlorquine(bad spelling)? They are sending to lab

And I'm still in so much pain, he also did finger check etc

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  • glad that you went to gp and got a sick note you really need to get yourself better b4 you go back to work. At least they sent urine spec off to be tested not sure if the blood and protein is a side effect of the meds but you can get this with a urine infection and also back pain. If thats the case may have sent your RA to be more symptomatic. hope you feeling better soon

    cris xx

  • Thanks Chris;

    your very kind and knowledgeable on this site it's reassuring and helpful, really trying to put all the positive attitudes I preach to others into use for myself.

  • Glad they sent it off for checking, and yes, could be just infection, but could also mean the beginnings of side effects from the drugs, so glad they are onto it early. Pain in your lower back area, especially that kind of shooting pain, is incredibly common with kidney infections so your doc was definitely onto it by checking your urine.

  • Thank you for that information , I have to take another sample in Friday or Monday just in case they need to verify any findings, the background support information helps me to nudge the GP along a little which is sometimes needed I find as there so inundated.

  • When I was on 25 mg of Methotrexate I constantly had protein(blood) in my urine samples. Got sent away for further analysis nearly every month but no major concerns as all the other blood work was within normal ranges. My nurse used to just note it down on my monitoring card and it was put down to my meds. I think if it had increased or symptoms (lower back pain) worsened then they were going to give me more antibiotics, thankfully it didn't. Best that they are checking you out. Hope you fee better soon and try not to worry I know it is hard not to!!! xx

  • Thank you that's very reassuring to know I'm in much pain at the moment from lower back, if i sit I can't get up without much intensity and difficulty. Lying down is the same for me when moving around slowly it eases up a lot. Not sure what to do sorre GP who was unsure about anti inflammatory meds because of mx. Should I insist on MRI or back to Rhuemy nurse

  • A wee call to your rheumy nurse will do no harm and re assure you hopefully. I always think should I phone??and after I do and get knowledgeable advice and help I always think why didn't I do that earlier instead of worrying. I'm more likely to speak to my rheumy nurse than GP and have never been let down. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon xx

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