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Hi everyone, can someone please tell me if and how i can change from work activity group to support group for ESA please?

i've been on esa since march 2011 and dla since may 2012 as things got worse quickly. i have to go to a meeting on 6 dec at jobcentre. im very worried about it as some days i cant get out of bed. at the momment im taking oramorph as the pain has been to bad. if anyone could give me any advice i would be so gratefull.

many thanks. jenny.x

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Sorry Jenny. I can't help you. I'm sure someone else will have more experience of the Benefit system. I can advise you to go to your local CAB services for some advice.

Sorry can't be of more help.

Hope you get some relief soon.

Best wishes & a hug



Hi Jenny ,

Firstly , speak to Job Centre Plus to explain the situation, and try to get the interview postponed.

You will need medical evidence that your condition has got worse.

Look at disabilityrightsuk.org/f31.htm , and particularly sections 6.3 and 6.4 , which give the rules for ESA Support Group.

From the Disability Alliance Handbook:

If you are placed in the [ESA] work-related activity group and your condition has recently got worse such that you now feel that you should be placed in the support group, you can ask for the decision to be superseded. You can do this at any time.

Contact your local Jobcentre Plus office and explain that your condition has recently got worse, and tell them which of the descriptors also now apply to you […]. If you do this by phone, follow it with a letter to the office confirming your request. If you can, obtain medical evidence to back up your case, eg a letter from your doctor, consultant or specialist nurse, confirming the descriptor applies to you. Attach a copy of this evidence to your supersession request.

Above all try and make contact with an advice agency to talk this through . Many CAB do telephone gateways or interviews nowadays. Also be aware that you might have to go through the assessment medical process and there is a possibility you could be found fit for work (however slim)



Hi Jenny

Rich is compley right, do remember ATOS who deal with ESA claims and carry out medical assessment are driven by guidelines set out by LGP on what you can do not what you can't do. This said as long as you follow up, keep copies of any info supplied and insure you take names of whom you speak to, get medical evidence to back your case up and of course use CAB, Welfare Rights etc. Good luck with this Jenny don't let it get you down. It's a process sadly.



hi sorry unsure of what your health problems are totally but you can ring benefits and explain you situation as asked them to visit you at home,when i went for my interview i took someone with me and all current hospital and dr notes,i got put on support group but never got anything in writing,so may be worth you ringing them about 3 weeks after meeting to see how you got on,good luck hope you get what you deserve and they listen to you xxx


Thanks very much everyone for all the advise, i'm going to look at the web site and have a chat with an advisor when i go on thursday.

It is sometimes hard to know wich direction and who you need to speak to. As there is so many different departments. And when you are full of meds it can seem as if im wading through mud to get anything done.

many thanks



Rich's advice is spot on. You definitely need an advocate for this and CAB are the most appropriate as the disability welfare advisors there have access to all the information manuals and guides that JobCentre have.

Also if you are going to have problems getting to Job Centre on 6th Dec, make sure you phone them well in advance and either request a different time (later in the day, if you can't do mornings easily, etc) or if its travel difficulties, ask for assistance, or taxi or something.

Sounds like one way or another you do need a review though.


thanks earthwitch, will be phoning cab on monday,think i will make it on thursday as yesterday i didnt need oramorph all day, ttamadol and gabapentin was enough.

many thanks. jenny.x


I would get there any way you can, but dont take the oramorph, let them see the extent of this problem firs hand.


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