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Do children really outgrow JRA?

My daughter has had JRA since11 years old and currently takes mtx. She is doing quite well on it. She went into remission for 2 yrs with no meds and had a flare and is back on mtx. She is special needs and 17yrs old now. The arthritis affects her knees but she remains active. She takes mtx mixed with oj so she does not get the nasty size effects as well as folic acid. I hope she will outgrow it.

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Hi Sweetdee, it's so sad watching a child grow with this awful disease.

Some children can grow out of JRA however, as your daughter is now 17 I'd say your right and it was a 2 year remission which can happen for some people with Auto-Immune disorders. Something we all pray for, a break from the pain of this awful disease.

The only positive is that she is active and on the right medication with few side effects so she is quite lucky in that respect. Fingers crossed she continues to stay active and the MTX continues to work for her.

Good luck x


Its so sad to watch kids suffer, I do hope your daughter outgrows it!

My nurse's daughter is twelve had it since 3 and since 9 she has been med free and pain free so there is hope!

Take care off you both

Julie x

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Hi sweetdee

This sounds like a question for your daughter's rheumatologist. As RA-Fibro has mentioned, JRA in some young people does seem to 'burn itself out', but at 17 your daughter may now be considered an adult in terms of healthcare.

For some more specialist information on JRA, it may be worth contacting Arthritis Care. They have a whole section on their website, and a helpline specifically offering support to young people and the parents and families of children with arthritis:

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline

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