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pain increase this month??????

this month my pain has increased to 3 times its usual level , when i sit down i cannot stand back up again, my shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles are terrible, its just like a ache poisoned feeling , i don't recall a pain like this , is it a flew type bug?? weather??. am i alone with this or has anyone else got this ----strange pain --

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It could well be an RA flare by the sound of things Roger. I thought RA was always excruciating pain in a few joints until I had something very like what you describe earlier on this year when I had been taking MTX for about 3 months. I went to see my GP and asked her what she thought and she said "sounds like a typical RA flare to me" and took my ESR and sure enough it was really high again. Because this disease is systemic it doesn't always feel just mechanical - it can feel like flu or it can feel like you've sprained or fractured something - there are no rules and it can show itself in different ways each time too I find. One time quite recently I got all over pins and needles and found out about 3 weeks into it that this was active RA - weird or what? You could speak to your RA nurse and get your inflammatory markers taken to see if they have gone up - if so this might indicate you need your meds adjusting. Tilda


thanks tildat . i have a anointment in December to see ra doctor , i am hoping its just a flair up but it feels different this time, i have had ra 17 years so i am use to pains , i hate it when doctors just say its part of ra, In kettering the rheumatologist left , and i have to see a gp who is a stand in, i am not happy about that .


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