Well after a particurlary quiet week of doing pretty much bugger all (I'm finding it hard to "pace" myself as my OT likes to call it!) I spent last night with great friends. Its easy to forget that I can't do what I did before and I stupidly thought that dancing like a loon was a good idea.......jeez am I paying for it now??!!

Hope everyone else is having a relaxing and happy Sunday?!

Lots of love


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  • Hi Claire, you have found out what we all have found out when we have overdone it, either by dancing or whatever floats your boat. You suffer for it afterwards!. Do try to pace yourself - your OT is absolutely right. Nothing to stop you having a dance but don't stay on the floor all night otherwise you will be on the floor all the next day!

    I find it takes me at least 36 hours to get over doing something strenous but hey, life's too short to sit in a chair all day. Just take it easy and rest the next day and still enjoy yourself with friends. Mine know my limitations and yours will soon I am sure. LavendarLady x

  • Boy i wish i could get back on a dance floor. Thats one thing that upsets me with what i have wrong,used to love disco dancing. Too tired these days to do anything like that. As long as you had a good time you can rest now and glow with all the fun you had. Pacing now thats a word i don't do very well with. I start a job and i've got to finish it.

    I think this winter is going to be harder for all of us than last year. It's already getting hard for me. By the way what was the music you were dancing like a loon to?

    Sylvia. xx

  • hahahahahahahaha to be honest I can't really remember.....I think there was some Jessie J??!!!! x

  • no bon jovi then or disco stuff then, Can't say i've heard any of jessie j. How much did you have to drink and did you have one for me as i don't drink these days!! xx

  • i am jealous - i really really want to dance like a loon, or even stay up beyond 10 o clock. Hope you spent Sunday recovering and enjoying the memories.

  • Wish I was there, at least you enjoyed it at the time x

  • I managed to stay up until 2am but thats because the steroids have messed with my sleep patterns yet again and lordy Im paying for my galavanting now!! Was well worth the pain today although its not going to be repeated anytime soon!

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