Has anyone else had prednisolone affect their periods?

And this is only after one day on pred! Started it yesterday along with Alendronic, and my period, that is only due around next Tuesday started today, so about 10 days early! I'm usually as regular as clockwork, however thinking about it each time I've had steroid injections this year my period has come forward by about 3 days...reading through the leaflet that came with the tablets it does say that you should check with your doctor if you experience irregular periods, but just wondered if this was a common thing?

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  • Mine would start perhaps a week early, then by the time it was supposed to start it wasn't much. I was told by Gyno it's not surprising to spot while on pred.

  • steroids like methotreate can cause periods to be irregular or stop all together x

  • Thanks - and how long do they usually take to take effect? I see so many comments about how much energy they give and even cause insomnia - well after 3 days I'm still shattered after a day's work! And joints actually feeling worse than they have for quite a few months (3 days off leflunomide too)...

  • Oral steroids can take up to a week or more to work,, injections are quicker 2-3 days max usually

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