big dent/hole in back after steroid injection??? help please :(

this is just 1 example of how incompetent my old rheumy was--> i have been left with a big 2 inch wide and 1 inch deep dent in my back/side--really high! obs they put 2 much steroid in or injected into a non fatty place- i have told them so many times but they said there is nothing they can do-i was never told of the risks before i was injected and they wont even say sorry! has anyone ever had this? he said put on weight it will be fine in a few years---> its 10 months now and its even bigger and i put on weight!im lucky i like high waisted jeans because if not anyone could see it.....ive tried bio oil, ive looked on the web and told the rheumy and my gp and my nurse

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Sorry -i've never heard of anything like this before-i'd always assumed that the doses had to be properly checked before use.

Hope your new rheumy is better



yea- i think either it was too much steroid for 1 area and the fact that it wasnt fatty enough it has just eaten away at my tissue! eww


Laney,poor you,. I have never had this reaction. If I need a steroid injection, it is injected into my backside - a good pad of fat there with all the muscle!

He sounds really incompetent - you could sue I suppose for medical negligence but it is an expensive, time wasting and long drawn out procedure. The other path is to report him to your local Health Authority and make a formal complaint.

You could try Olive Oil as well but Bio oil is just as good. If there is a dent there, no amount of rubbing with oil is going to improve it as it is designed to work on scar tissue rather than dents. It will soften the skin though.

I am sorry you have had such a bad result. I hope it does improve with time.

LavendarLady x



Sorry to hear this, I was warned off this happening by my gp before I had my first shot apparently its a side effect. I was told this and believe me I have more than enough fat on my backside to cope with it, so not sure if its just pure unlucky that this happened to you and its not the fault off your doctor.

I had another today my rheumatologist never warns me it could be a problem just my gp the first time.

Sorry I can't recommend anything to help as I can imagine how distressing it is for you.

Take care

Julie x


thanks! yea if she put it in my ass i would have been sorted! ive a big bum! but its right over my hip area! definitly the nurses fault and i would say seen as it was a double dose as i was very bad at the time- the doc should have considered 2 needles! ah well i just hope it dosnt get bigger! thanks x


Hi I have just seen your post as I was googling the same thing as I have noticed a dent/hole in my back in the place that I last had a steroid injection! Did you hole repair itself or get better, do I need to see my GP or Rheumy about it?


Hey laney84. It's 6 years now and just want to know if the contour in your butt filled in. I have 2 large dents on my left and right butt cheeks that have refused to go away a year after I had injections in them. Thanks


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