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does the overall feeling of super tiredness and background pain ever go??

just wondering if you can actually ever feel the way we did before the demon r.a. reared its ugle evil head?? ive been hoping but lately ive lost all hope as every day is the same- the major swelling and major pain is gone- yet im still exhausted still tired and still sore :( anybody else loose all sex drive completely?? D: does that ever come back??? its been 11 months now and it seems totally not fair as its take so much from me already!!

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i hope so Laney, from what i read on here it appears that when they get the right treatment we can more or less function ok but then it can flare up again and again. I have lost complete interest in sex now as well, that started along with the ra symptons.


its terrible- ive been getting better for months now- ive just had mini flare ups and the background pain but compared to what i was im a lot better- but still no sex drive or any sexual feelings down there!!! feels like ive been castrated!! i really hope that it comes back! thanks for the reply :)


Oh Oh this all sounds not really RA related. Could it be that maybe you have lost confidence with the disease or feel a bit unattractive. Don't keep waiting ask your doctor, maybe anti deprsant might help.

My advise is just make big effort and get back in the swing, the longer you leave this issue the worse it gets. You will feel better after. :)

Good Luck, Gina


I think (not that it matters ) lol, If you have any other illnesses that cause pain then pain maybe there all the time in different areas but with my RA I know when that is hurting cos thats the time I want to reach out for the big sharp knives lol and chop off the offending joint hehehe but fortunately the wife keeps them out of reach.

I hope you come to terms with your pains soon and maybe work with it, In myway of thinking you need to be positive about your illness no matter what it is and when you can accept that it is a part of you, you will only then start feeling a bit better and maybe ALL nice feelings will come back, I certainly hope they do for you.


My answer would be NO. Unfortunately this is one of the horrible side effects. I try to have 12 hour sleep at night, then during the day I am more alert. Being more alert you can put up with the background pain better. Do not know if you are able to do this, but it is working for me.



I can understand the sex drive thing , but to be honest with me I feel totally cheated lol, My sex drive was fine for years even with the RA and Oa ,but i was used to the pain and discomfort for so long that i must have just been normal ish . But when my hips went and cancer the treatment then did make me feel unattractive and undesirable . lost all interest ,but told myself it would return I hoped i would feel ok after .but no it gone , and thankfully no partner to worry about or to make me feel guilty .

But suggest you go to doctors or see the nurse as they can help if you want to give yourself the chance to get something good back into your life , xxx

Have been told by my nurse that IF i want to have a relationship will need creams ,gells and patient partner . (no HRT) so maybe hope for me , er one



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