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what is the longest a flare can last


Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping warm and not too sore at the moment. This may sound a strange question but does anyone had any idea how long a flare could last. The reason i ask is for the last year i have felt awful but now feel a good bit better, i suppose it has to do with getting rituximab almost 5 months ago although i was sure it wasn't working up until 2 weeks ago and this got me wondering if it could have been a flare that lasted that time.

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rather than a flare, I think that could suggest that for all of last year your RA wasn't under control and now it is finally responding to the drug? Perhaps there's not much difference, but for me a flare is a really bad spell that hits one or more joints and lasts days or weeks with lots of pain and stuff. But I've also had periods where my RA has found it's way round the drugs and got out of control again, which I know as I start feeling rubbish, achy and really shattered well before any joints starts to go. But everybody's different so maybe that's just me? But hope you feeling better lasts for ages....Pollyx

Thanks Polly for your reply, what you have said makes so much sense, i was told my disease was very active at the time even although i was on lots of medication and wondered why i was still so sore, so It does sound as though its the rituximab that has helped. I got my blood results today and this is the best they have been in over a year. Hope you are well, thanks again. xx

I agree with Polly, I've had flares which leave me immobile for 2 wks in terrible pain and once the initial flare eases up it takes a long time to fully recover and get my A.S back under control. I've also found with each flare it takes longer to recover in fact I'm still feeling the effects of the last one almost 2 yr ago which I had to leave work for.

I've began to think I'll never have any quality of life again.

Beth xx

Thanks Beth, Yes, i am sure that you are right. In a way i was hoping that my r/a was settling down on it's own after being active for so long but i don't think that would happen without medication. I supposes i am confusing a flare to be the same as active arthritis and as Beth says it has probably been uncontrolled for so long. x

sorry, meant to say as Polly says, must be this brain fog again x

It can definitely take up to six months for the anti-tnf drugs to build up to full effect, so sounds like it is finally working for you. Good luck, and hope it continues a long time.

Thanks earthwitch, x

Hello Millie

I am so pleased for you that the Rituximab seems to be working for you at long last! I am in the same position and it's a great feeling isn't it? Long may it continue for you!

Tilly x

Thank you so much Tilly, i do hope it lasts for a long time for us both, it makes such a difference to be able to move. take care.


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